Joo Won to partner IVY for ‘Ghost the Musical’

Actor Joo Won will partner female singer IVY for ‘Ghost the Musical’. After getting the rights from West End to show in South Korea, Joo Won and IVY will be helming the musical together which is expected to begin towards the end of 2013 and last for about 6 months at the D-CUBE Arts Center.

‘Ghost the Musical’ was based on the hit 1990 romantic drama film of the same name, starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The musical made its world premiere at the Manchester Opera House in March 2011, before beginning previews at the Piccadilly Theatre in the West End in June. In the same year, the musical had its official opening night gala on July 19th in West End.

For the South Korean musical, Joo Woo will play the role of Sam Wheat and alternate with musical actors Kim Jun Hyun and Kim Woo Hyung. This mark Joo Won’s return to the musical scene after a 3 year hiatus since his 2010 musical ‘Spring Awakening’. The female lead role will go to IVY and Park Ji Yeon who will alternate on different nights.

‘Ghost the Musical’ is scheduled to open at the D-CUBE Arts Center from November of this year.

By: Park Jin Young



One thought on “Joo Won to partner IVY for ‘Ghost the Musical’

  1. i’m not sure if he will be taking part in the full run of the musical. someone informed me that there are 3 male leads for this role, and they will take turns to perform it. idk how long each actor will perform. i hope he wont take up too long, i’m gonna miss his dramas/movies…

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