Joo Won Chooses Choi Kang Hee of ′7th Grade Civil Servant′ as His Best Partner

Joo Won called his 7th Grade Civil Servant partner Choi Kang Hee as the best co-star and partner ever.

In the MBC drama, Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee had appeared as a secret agent couple, and despite their age gap, managed to mix with great chemistry.

On April 9, at the Morning Calm Village in Gangwon-do, Joo Won met with press and even said, “I learned a lot through my recent piece, but the biggest thing I gained was freedom. It′s all thanks to [Choi] Kang Hee nuna (big sister).”

He explained that he gained the ′freedom′ to express his ideas and thoughts without caring too much for what others will think.

“Kang Hee nuna shows a kind of pure creativity,” he said. “For example, whenever we act together in a love scene it turns out to be really pretty, and those scenes express her creativity. I learned while I was with her that I can act in a different way.”

This is the main reason why he chooses Choi Kang Hee as his best partner without hesitation.

He said, “Of course I got along well with Eugene nuna, Ms. Uee and Ms. Jin Se Yeon, but I don′t think we were as close as I was with Kang Hee nuna. I didn′t have much time to feel anything in [Baker King,Kim Tak Goo because I was a rookie, while in Ojakgyo [Brothers] Uee and I were both still rookies, so we were determined to do our best. I didn′t get to meet often with [Jin] Se Yeon in Bridal Mask.”

7th Grade Civil Servant, however, was different from the lot.

“I had to see Kang Hee nuna a lot because we had a lot of scenes together according to the script. We would exchange lines before the main shoot, and that helped me memorize them too. Later we boasted such great teamwork that even the staff noticed this, and I was proud of that.”

Joo Won will next be appearing in a film, one titled Only You with Kim Ah Joong.

The actor said, “It is true that a lot of thoughts race through my head whenever I enter a new piece. Still, I know I′ll have a lot to expect the more I look forward to it, and I′ll work hard to show a better side of me.”

Photo credit: Sim Entertainment



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