Joo Won confesses he gets stressed out by quizzes on ’1 Night 2 Days’

Actor Joo Won confessed that he gets stressed out by the weekly quizzes on ‘1 Night 2 Days‘.

During a recent interview, Joo Won said, “When we’re told that we’re gonna have a quiz during filming, I get annoyed. I get scared, and I don’t want to do it. I’m not joking, but when I solve quizzes, I can’t remember what I know and stuff I don’t know gets even more confusing. To be completely honest, I lack common sense, but I want to edit it all out.

He explained he was so worried because of what his parents might think, saying, “People think I’m like Lee Seung Gi, but I’m worried because I’m lacking [in a lot of ways]. I feel sorry to my parents because they might get disappointed thinking that I don’t have common sense. Still, I study by reading books every day. I forget quickly even if I memorize it, but I should be able to remember something later, right?

In other news, Joo Won has been cast in the upcoming film ‘Only You‘. He’ll also be returning to musicals after four years with ‘Ghost‘ in November.



2 thoughts on “Joo Won confesses he gets stressed out by quizzes on ’1 Night 2 Days’

  1. no worries, i’m exactly like him. i dont have much general knowledge either though i’m the same age as him (1987). but it doesnt necessarily mean we cant excel in what we do best. i happen to be a scientist, and joowon’s a great actor. ^^ it just so happen we dont know much about general knowledge despite reading a lot.

    joowon losing at general knowledge quizzes proves he’s just human. and this weakness made it all the more fun for the show.

  2. Still my favourite actor eventhough he lacks of common sense but he’s just being himself..nothing wrong with that..aja aja fight…

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