Joo Won Interview with SINA, “Looks favorably upon Noona-dongsaeng relationship, feels sorry towards future girlfriend for kiss scenes.”

SINA: Say Hi to the netizens of SINA

JW (in Chinese): Netizens of SINA, how are you? I am Joo Won.

JW (in Korean): Netizens of SINA, I am Joo Won. Previously, I met with everyone on my television drama; please give me your support and care. I am very happy to meet everyone.

SINA: Your drama <7th Level Civil Servant> has just been completed, do you feel reluctant to leave?

JW: It’s the same for all my dramas, I will always feel reluctant when it ends. But more importantly I feel very sad to part with my co-stars who shared the ups and downs with me during these past months.

SINA: This drama had revealed many BTS pictures; I feel that you and Choi Kang Hee are friends in real life? And you have gotten very close to the other actors in this drama?

JW: Yes, I really became very close to them. Because we endured the hardship together, our relationship grew deeper; we were very reluctant to part. It’s possible that I may work with Chansung and Choi Kang Hee noona in the future. But now, we are working very well together, when I think of parting ways, I feel kind of sad.

SINA: Acting alongside Choi Kang Hee in <7th Level Civil Servant>, were you concerned about the age gap?

JW: I was the one who confirmed the role first. After that, some actresses’ names came up, without a second of hesitation; I chose Choi Kang Hee noona. So I wasn’t concerned about the age gap at all. Concerning this matter, maybe noona is the one who thought about it. I liked Kang Hee noona’s acting a lot and I felt that I could learn more from her so I never felt burdened.

SINA: Then in your life, would you accept a younger man-older woman relationship?

JW: I like noona-dongsaeng relationship. As long as the age gap is not too big, I don’t feel that there would be any problem. As long as both persons’ hearts and minds are in it together, I feel that it is sufficient to be in love.

SINA: Previously, you said that you will not be able to accept your future girlfriend filming kiss scenes with another man. However in <7th Level Civil Servant> there were many kiss scenes of you with Choi Kang Hee. Aren’t you afraid that your future girlfriend will be jealous?

JW: I am very sorry. I don’t know who it will be but I really am very apologetic, I am so sorry. But on the other hand, this is my job, I hope you can understand. In the future, there will be more kiss scenes; I hope you won’t watch them.

SINA: I heard that you will be filming a new movie <Only You> with Kim Ah Joong, could you please introduce the movie to everyone?

JW: This is a romantic comedy; it’s a story between a burglar and a policeman. In the movie, I play a policeman who falls in love with a thief. He is professional in his police job and a perfect man. He is able to psycho-analyze people, he is cool, goes after criminals decisively but he is unable to arrest his love although he knows she is a burglar. It’s an interesting movie.

SINA: In the movie, you act as a cop, is there any special training you have to undergo?

JW: More than training, I would say it’s more of learning about the profession. Because there are many scenes of psychological analysis of people’s minds so I need to learn more about this aspect. I also need to know the unique characteristics of the job. Now, I am in midst of learning and doing research.

SINA: It seems that every drama you participate in has drawn in high ratings like <Ojakgyo Brothers>, <Baker King Kim Tak Gu>, <Bridal Mask>, is there any key area you focus on when you pick a drama script?

JW: I suppose you must find it interesting after you read the script? After that, I see whether the character which I will be playing has many different charismas. Then I will see if there is any kind of hurt that will make the audience sympathize with him. Overall, the content must interest the audience or will make everyone feel: “Hmm, that’s right, such situation do exists.” Charismatic and getting audience’s empathy are major factors. I have always chosen along these lines.

SINA: Which drama had the most impact on you? And how did it change you?

JW: I feel that <Bridal Mask> had the most impact on me. Because it was the first time I bore the responsibility of being the main lead so I placed a lot of stress on myself. Mostly, it was a strong sense of making sure that I did well in my acting. Fortunately, I was able to complete it well, so I also gain self-confidence. It is the drama that brought me confidence as an actor and it was through this drama that I gained more viewers who liked me. So it’s <Bridal Mask>.

SINA: Is there any role which you have not tried and would like to challenge yourself in?

JW: I would like to take up a role of a character that is both good and evil. Theme wise, I would like a beautiful tragic love or a romance where to love is so challenging and difficult. There are many which I would like to challenge myself in.

SINA: In your previous works, you have worked with Eugene, Lee Young-ah, Uee, Jin Se Yeon and Choi Kang Hee. Who do you feel you worked best with? Could you evaluate in a sentence?

JW: Choi Kang Hee. We understand each other so well that it is shocking. It was to the extent that even the staff got shocked. Whenever we meet, we would be practicing our lines, no matter how difficult a period we were going through, we worked even harder to bring a better result in the scenes. I just felt that noona gave me a lot of strength. Choi Kang Hee’s acting is the type that I like so I really wanted to learn and accept. But later, we just got along so well. So I am really thankful to Kang Hee noona. In any case, we just worked especially well together.

SINA: Are there any good friends in the entertainment circle? Do you meet them often?

JW: Recently, I got very close to the actors on <7th Level Civil Servant>. Besides Kang Hee noona, there is Chansung, Jang Young Nam sunbae, Ahn Nae Sang sunbae, and others. Also, the members of <1N2D>, I am very close to Tae Woong hyung, Cha Tae Hyun hyung, Sung Shi Kyung hyung etc. I always meet them through dramas and on shows. Other than that, I don’t really go out and I have very little time on my own. So there really isn’t many chances for me to be close. Thankfully, I am able to make so many good friends through dramas and shows.

SINA: Now you are actively participating in the variety show <1N2D>, what was your objective in taking part?

JW: <1N2D> is about touring the country. I had this thought that before I die; there are places which I have never visited. Even if I resolved to do it, it is impossible to visit every corner of Korea so I think it is a very fortunate show. Honestly even if you have all the money and time, you would not be able to travel in this way. So I feel extremely fortunate to be able to travel in this manner while acting in <1N2D>. Taking part in this show has also allowed me to receive love from the audience and people so I feel that all this are a blessing. That’s why I decided to take part.

SINA: Do you feel any pressure acting in <1N2D>?

JW: Of course, there is pressure. As long as you are an actor, you’d think the same. You need to express yourself and yet it is not a role in a drama. To present your true self is a very stressful thing. On the contrary, viewers like it even better and hope to see the actors being their normal selves. In the beginning, I had some hesitations but gradually I revealed my usual self, the audience like it too. When I see these, I also feel that this is good. When I am acting, I need to bring out the character in a definite way. Now I can bring both the acting side of me and myself in daily life to show to everyone, I feel very good.

SINA: Do you care about your image appearing in this kind of candid show?

JW: Rather than feeling the stress, I feel there is a little problem regarding the “aegyo”. When I am with the hyungs, it just comes naturally. It’s not something I did because someone ask me to or let me try out some ageyo to see how it turns out. If it is like this, I would definitely be unable to do it. In real life, it just comes naturally to me. Many people thought that I am the type who would do aegyo at any time. I won’t be able to do that. In any case, I feel a bit stressed about it, I am afraid that people will always want me to do aegyo.

SINA: Through <1N2D>, is there any place you would like to go?

JW: Probably Udo. I have been to Jeju but I heard Udo is really very beautiful, even the waters are a bright turquoise. I also heard the jajangmyun in Udo is very delicious. I really wish to go. It’s not just Udo but through <1N2D> I realize that Korea really has many beautiful places. But I think there are more beautiful ones so I want to go to more places.

SINA: Do you know China? Which city would you like to visit the most?

JW: Among my friends, there are many who studied in China and came back, I feel that China is a country which has great potential in the future. Geographically she is big, the population is huge and there are many good foods. How should I put it? Although I have not been able to visit China and I don’t know much about it but it’s a country that I am very curious about. It’s truly a big country and I feel there are many interesting things too; also the Great Wall is really magnificent. I heard that there are also many historical and cultural similarities between my country and China. So I feel that China is just like Korea, it’s a very beautiful place and it’s also a country which arouses the curiosity of many and where people pay close attention to.

SINA: <Baker King Kim Tak Gu> was broadcast in China, have you ever thought of venturing into China?

JW: Now, I am thinking a lot and also in midst of planning. Yoon Shi Yoon hyung has also acted in China dramas and there are many actors who have done so, so I will pay more attention to Chinese dramas. It not just China dramas that attract me but during the press conference of <7th Level Civil Servant>, Chinese fans send many rice bags and flower wreaths, so I am very grateful to them. Also, I have received a lot of love from out interactions on SNS; I want to repay the Chinese fans. If there is a fan meet, I would surely go. If there are more chances to meet my fans, it would be good. Up till now, there still isn’t many chances to meet everyone so I hope there will be in the future. It’s in the plans and I hope that I can meet all of you sooner; I am looking forward to it.

SINA: Please give your closing greetings to the Chinese fans.

JW: Dear fans in China, I am Joo Won. This is the first time I am greeting you through SINA. To date, I have filmed 4 dramas and I am very fortunate to receive so much attention from everyone, I am really thankful to all of you. In the future, I will greet everyone with good work, I hope you will give me more attention and I hope you can follow me on my weibo. I wish all of you good health and happiness, thank you.

Source: SINA

Trans: mrdimples@soompi

PS: Ok, first of all, to all his Chinese fans who are reading this post on my blog, congratulation! I think Joo Won will travel China sometime and by the fact that he is learning Chinese so maybe one day you guys will meet him in real life and hear him speaks Chinese. And, yeah, I won’t deny, I’m jealous T–T. Since I’m a Vietnamese, I really hope that one day he will take an interview for an Vietnamese article

Second, Joo Won-ssi, you took so many photos for this interview and I’m affraid of update all your photos will make this post hard to upload and again, this make me crying T–T


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