Joo Won was Incredibly Upset at Kim Seung Woo’s Departure from ‘1 Night 2 Days’

As the youngest member of KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days, Joo Won opened about his honest feelings on Kim Seung Woo’s departure

During an interview with star style magazine, @star1, Joo Won revealed that he was incredibly upset at the big hyung’s exit from the popular program.

“I think when I first met the hyungs and got close to them, I created this dream where I thought it would be nice to stay with them for the rest of my life,” said Joo Won. “As I grew older, I thought it would be nice to continue having this relationship working together on shows even if it wasn’t on this particular program.”

Kim Seung Woo left 1 Night 2 Days after appearing on it for one year, and even in that one year of interaction, Joo Won shared that they got so close that saying good bye was that much more painful.

“I knew that it only meant that we weren’t doing the program together and still keeping in touch with each other, but just the thought that we wouldn’t be doing something together just made me upset and sad.”

Joo Won added, “I was really surprised when everyone was holding back tears and being awkward. Even during the closing comments, all seven of us didn’t know what to say and were all looking in the distance.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the May issue.

Photo Credit: @star1




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