[Interview] Joo Won Talks about His Three Years of Growth

This actor has been busy for the past three years, but he′s still running at full speed. From Baker King, Kim Tak Goo to 7th Grade Civil Servant, his filmography is continuously being filled with change and freshness. This unbelievable story of the growth of a man makes audiences wonder where it will go next.

So what will happen next? We asked Joo Won, the main character in this story, on where he plans to go.

The Joo Won we met at the Morning Calm Village in Gangwon-do on April 9 still seemed to be immersed in his character for 7th Grade Civil Servant.

“I still surprise myself sometimes when I find myself acting like Gil Ro. I still pout my lips or do what I used to do in front of Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee). After finding I couldn′t let go of my habits during shoots, like playing games, I started thinking I was trained to fit Gil Ro′s pattern too well.”

What makes an actor′s image are the personalities of his roles. His recent role, Han Gil Ro, made Joo Won a bit brighter than he used to be.

“I learn a lot from each piece. After wrapping up Baker King, Kim Tak GooOjakgyo BrothersBridal Mask and my two films, I felt I had matured in acting. After 7th Grade Civil Servant, however, I felt a kind of freedom. I was able to act more freely with my own creativity. I think I was affected a lot by [Choi] Kang Hee nuna (big sister). Anyway, it was another plus one for me.”

An actor can′t help but explode with emotion when he has to say goodbye to a piece. The process, however, helps him mature, and that′s why he needs to accept it without question.

Joo Won said he dreams of maturing every time he has to go through this process.

How have you been since ′7th Grade Civil Servant′ came to a close?

I filmed the commercials I hadn′t been able to film, and I′ve been appearing in 1 Night, 2 Days. The commercials aren′t new ones; they′re just ones I signed up with but didn′t have time to shoot for.

The drama garnered much praise in its beginnings but later it sort of went downhill. How do you feel?

I feel sorry about the ratings but I don′t feel as sorry as I thought I would feel. When the ratings for my previous pieces were high and 7th Grade Civil Servant also got high ratings, I thought I was very fortunate. Staff would joke about how my pieces all have high ratings. I thought I would feel heavy if the ratings fell, but I didn′t feel much when it actually did fall. I just thought ′so it fell′, and that was it. I didn′t lose heart in any way either. I think I was able to set aside thoughts about the ratings because the actors were happy on set.

You must have felt very sorry to have to leave Choi Kang Hee.

I did. I had to shoot 1 Night, 2 Days the day after we held our afterparty. It was [Yoo] Hae Jin hyung (big brother)′s first shoot and I had to set off at 3 a.m., but I couldn′t bring myself to leave. I felt sorry we had to say goodbye, though of course just because the piece ended didn′t mean we wouldn′t be able to meet anywhere else. I still keep in touch, and soon we plan to get together. I was happy to have met Kang Hee nuna through this piece.

How were your love scenes with Choi Kang Hee?

I think we were both really embarrassed. We even talked about whether we should move our lips or not. The piece and characters were all very well, but we also showed a lot of consideration for each other. Since she might not have liked it if I did what I wanted to [without consent], we tried to show consideration for each other. The director asked us to do things, but mostly it was me and her. She′s very cute, and she has this prettiness about her. There were a lot of scenes that came out prettier than I expected. I think her pure creativity was a big help.

Your roles have been very dynamic. Do you put much emphasis on your roles?

I didn′t choose the piece because I wanted to change my image. Of course, I do think the role was fairly flexible. It′s not that I feel I should be something different next time after acting in some role but I do feel something along those lines. Han Gil Ro is a character and Lee Kang To was a heavy role, but both were fun.

Next you′ll start shooting ′Only You′ with Kim Ah Joong. Don′t you feel tired to continuously be appearing in dramas, films and variety?

Whenever I prepare for a new piece I feel anticipation. I′m worried whether I′ll be able to pull through for the film, but I′m looking forward to it.

Photo credit: Sim Entertainment

Source: http://enewsworld.interest.me/enews/contents.asp?idx=34172&idxType=News


5 thoughts on “[Interview] Joo Won Talks about His Three Years of Growth

  1. When will this guy take a rest really ? I hope that the story of his next movie will be more interesting than his previous drama 😉 … Yoonshinli and Joo Won fighting 😀 !

  2. Joo Won, I wish you a little rest before the next movie and musical. Of course, youth is fast and you get everything to the max, but without rest you can burn out mentally … I’m worried about you, so many fans love you and want to see your new work ,You must know that in Russia is also a lot of your fans .. Your worked hard for these three years, just amazing and beautiful … But not drive themselves, pleeeeease…..
    Love you … Your fan from Russia, Vladivostok …. With sincerity … Elena

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