Just some thoughts of mine about my blog since it’s 1 year old now ^_^

Last week I checked my e-mail and received an email of WordPress. The email said “congratulation” to me because this blog is 1 year old. In my country, 1 year old is the time when a baby leaves its crib and ready to start study walk or something, it’s mean that baby will get ready to become independence. And like this blog, in the beginning, I had to update every single days because there were too many things I have to do, many information I have to collect, it likes a babythat I have to take care very very careful. But now, since I have many readers, many friends, many update news sources, I don’t have to use all my day to search everywhere and that’s the way my blog growing up.

I think it somehow like this blog, remembered the day when I decided to created this blog, the idea I thought that just crossed my mind in second and will disappear right away. But as you guys knew, that idea became this blog ^_^. This idea came from the day when I search in google to find information about Joo Won after had watch his drama in KBS “Ojakgyo Brother” with UEE. His role Tae Hee really impressed me. I went to Candence’s wordpress to read all her recap of the drama (thank God that we have her writes recap for us). Then I realized that we don’t have a place where systematically update all about Joo Won to everyone to get information about him easily. I mean, I know we have soompi thread, it’s a wonderful source of this blog, I used many news they had translated, I really thanks them but it doesn’t have each category for each things of him like the way I want to get information about Joo Won. So I created this blog, at first, just for myself, I’ve never imagined that this blog would become popular and got more than 15.000 views/ day. It’s really a huge surprise for me.

And, in the other hand, soulrebels also was the place I met many good friends who later helped me create this blog. So, here I am today thank you you guys, Ob3Hwang, soni, Yanna, bbluemarine, Hesperide ( thanks for those photos you gave me, that was the first move of this blog on Album category and my dear, if you read this post, I also thank you because of your idea to creating the Facebook of Joo Won International Fanclub and chose me to become admin of that facebook which now reached more than 4000 likes). I also thanks to Ginko, the one taught me how to use WordPress since the very first day when I just like a “chicken” (the way to talk about an amateur in my country), thanks for always patience and willing to answer all my questions about techniques. And last but not least, I give my thank to Ngocbancung (it just her nickname, not her real name ^_^), she never comment in this blog, but she is the one who give me many sources to update Joo Won’s news and photos. And thanks to all Vietnamese fans who supported me and help me about my English since it’s still not perfect now, thank you Hebaraki, ging, Stormkun and many more….

On this post, I also want to thank every single person who come to this blog, view this blog, read information from this blog and comment in this blog. You guys will never know how much strength you guys have given to me when I read those comment in this blog. Sometime when I feel so tired, stressed in my life that I even don’t want to access to the internet to update information, and when I feel uncomfortable when somebody pushed me to translate news or update information. I mean I know you guys wnat to know more about him so I totally understand you guys don’t want to wait and just want to watch his drama or his show right away. But sometime I’m too busy with my own life that I got late updated so I feel burden when you guys push me. Anytime when this thing happens, I always read everyone’s comments, especially those comments which thanks me for create the blog, and those give compliment for this blog. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m a girl who love to hear good things but it’s really give me strength to continue my works. So, once again, thank you everyone, thanks for join me in here, thanks for be here, reading all my posts and sharing the love for Joo Won. Please keep supporting me, and this blog, and of course, please always support Joo Won.

I chose the photo upbove to give my love to you guys, a big thanks to everyone for being with me the whole year. I love you ^_^

PS: Sorry if my English is not perfect, and sorry if this post is too long, I just really happy and touched because this blog is 1 year old


54 thoughts on “Just some thoughts of mine about my blog since it’s 1 year old now ^_^

  1. Just continue to post everything about Joo Won, and I will surely support you always….thank you for all the pictures and info’s. God bless….

  2. You have done an amazing job from the beginning! Well done, we need to congratulate you with a big big cake! But all i can give you is an imaginary cake hehe. Thank you so much for being such an amazing blog, your support to Junwon gives off vibrant colours to fans like myself. Keep up the fabulous work! Whenever you’re feeling stressed, make sure to take some time out for yourself, the only way to make yourself feel better! If you ever need assistance with writing up articles you can contact me through my WP account.
    Lots of love! ♥

    • Thank you, thanks for your cake, I can imagine it right now in my mind, I love strawberry so it will have strawberry on there ^_^ And thanks for your offer of help me in writting, and yes, I will make times for myself

  3. congrats and thank you for creating this blog, i’m so thankful that i can be able to feed my neverending joo won addiction. always supporting you^^ and please don’t let other people pressure you, we all have priorities in life so hoping you will be less stressed 🙂

  4. Congratulations my dear sister. We’re so proud of you. I still remember the moment I realized that you’re also a Vietnamese hahaha. Best wishes for you. Let’s hope the blog become more and more popular and we have chance to welcome our Joowon to our beautiful country someday: fan meeting? concert? reality show? filming or any activities? yeah cant wait ♥♥♥

  5. Thank you for your hardwork and dedication! Your admiration for Joo won is the tie that binds us all who regularly visits your site! 🙂 I hope you can post something about Joo won not being nominated for his work in Gaksital. And the fact that Gaksital was not nominated for anything!!!!!!!!??????? in the Baeksang Awards!!! I am so mad and disappointed and really pissed off!!!! Not one single recognition for the show???

  6. OH GOD!!! Thanks me?? No chingu. No need to thank me.
    It’s me who should say thank you to you. (Oh, my perfect english hahahaha).
    I could not have created the fanclub without your help.
    It’s best to do things without pressure and step by step.

    I’m sorry if we do not talk often (like Ojakgyo Era)… ^________^
    Congratulations to you and the blog. And now… let’s go to Second Anniversary!!!

    And now I remember… I have to upload more photos (lol)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you….

    Lots kisses from Spain *_________*

  7. *••°*´¨`*•.¸CONGRATULATIONS¸.•*´¨`*°••*
    I been in your twitter your facebook..just to say my gratitude again and again..cause i know its not enough im really do thankful from my heart to all the effort you did for us fans..(actually 2hrs ago im watching a 1hr broadcast of 1N2D,and still watching and not even in the middle cause im making message for you..kkkkkkkk)

  8. Congrats on ur 1yr anniversary! I love Joo Won too… Thought your posts, u make me feel closer to him…

    Thank you very much!

    I hope continue to have more views. Hehe….

  9. Congratulations 😀 ! It is the first time that I follow a blog :). Thank you so much for your hard work and I hope that you will continue to post other news. Fighting >.< !

  10. wow!!! just yesterday i had posted my first comment regarding your blog saying how much I like Joo Won, but how much more I LOVE YOU guys for making this blog. Didn’t imagine you were turning 1 year old…Congratulations!!!

    Of course Joo Won attracts people everywhere. I mean, HE is HE. But then again, the success of this blog has to do more with you guys than with Joo Won (actually he should be delighted and grateful to have a site like this made for him).

    The organization, the pictures, the updates absolutely everything just makes the life of whoever is searching information about Joo Won very easy. And I sincerely appreciate your efforts, cause like I said, I know it’s not easy.

    Actually, I started following this blog since Level 7 Civil Servant aired in Seul (this is when I discovered Joo Won hehehehe, and I already catch up with all his work XD and in many respects thanks to you guys), but I never left a comment until yesterday…Once again…CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU, THANK YOU very much.

    • Oh I like your comment, the idea that Joo Won should grateful to have a site like this, I just hope he knows me and talk to me someday, even he just say hi to me, that’s enough LOL. Well, I will try my best to meet him in person.

      THanks again for loving this blog and follow it, please just enjoy it in the way you like, best wish ^_^

  11. A big congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Thank you so so much for all your hard work done for the past year. I sincerely wish for your blog to be even more successful! Thanks again for sharing our beloved joo won’s news n love!

  12. THANK YOU for the awesome blog! I first got to know joo won from ‘Kim Takgu’ but sadly I didnt pay attention to him until his appearance in 2N1D. I came across your blog when I was searching for more information about Joowon and ever since then, your blog is a MUST-READ for me whenever I open my internet browser. Thank you so much for your effort and also the uploads for 2D1N because it’s the only source for me to watch the show. once again, THANK YOU. keep up the good work! 😀

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I first got to know Joo Won from Kim Takgu, too but at that time, my love is not big enough to make me want to find more information about him until Ojakgyo Brother

      Thanks for saying my blog is a must-read for you, that’s mean a lot to me

  13. Congratulation to you for the first year of your blog and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your hard work and yes as other joowoonish said, don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t let those ungrateful fellow push you to the edge. You’ve done the best you could, so for them, either take it or leave it. 잘했습니다. 화이팅!

  14. Aww congratulations on your blog’s first year anniversary! I can’t imagine the work involved in keeping this blog up and running but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hardwork and dedication for updating us fans around the globe on Joo Won. ❤ I can always look forward to getting news on this site and I'm eternally grateful for the time and effort you invest into making this site the awesome thing it is today. Don't let other people bring you down for whatever reason possible because I think you're doing a great job and I applaud you for it. (: ❤

    • thank you very much dear, thanks for enjoying the blog, please feel free to show your love to Joo Won in here, I will try my best to make this blog better 🙂

  15. Thanks for creating a-must-read-everyday-blog for me. Good job and hope you keep this good work for more years to come 🙂

  16. hi there… i really appreciated that you created this blog for joo won. im from philippines, currently residing here in middle east.
    when i want to know more the latest about joo won, I just rely on Google search engine and lead me to a different blog, news, and website which are not compressed. When I found this one, I’m very grateful….. all in one…..thanks to you…..very updated most especially with english subtitles.
    congratulations……..just keep on doing it..
    inshallah one day even joo won may visit and comment on this wonderful blog….
    i felt sorry for the pressure youre receiving..dont worry….. fans are just eager but end of the day….its understood..

    • Hi there, as I know, Joo Won has many Philippines fans, hoping you will know more and more friends in here ^_^

      And I love the idea that Joo Won will comment in this blog one day, it’s just wonderful :))

  17. OMG, I honestly think that there is no need for you to go all out and thanks us readers this MUCH. I mean, I personally think the customized “thank you for your comment” used in most blog is already enough. You’ve provided every little information and latest news about Joo Won here and as a fellow fan, I’m grateful to have this place to go to and feed my obsession (TeeHee). I mean, where else can I find links to every Joo Won related show to watch (in both Raw and English at that), plus the gorgeous pictures~ swoon~^^

    Thanks to you, yoonshinli. You’re the best. JJANG~

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 I just really feel grateful that you guys love this blog, it’s kind of a present to me and give me much more strength to do my work so I really want to say thank you to every single one of you guys ^_^

      And as I can see, your obsession about TaeHee just like me LOL And thanks for saying I’m the best, it made me really happy, yeah yeah, I’m a girl who love hearing good things LOL

  18. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! *throws confetti*

    i’ve only discovered you blog, while i was spazzing about L7CS. then i discovered 1N2D from your blog. thank you so much! ❤ and your posts about his interviews, videos, etc. just made me love him even more~ he;s such a bundle of cuteness and adorableness and gentlemanly. i view you blog everyday to check on his updates. ^^ let's support him always regardless of what he does. fighting~

  19. Thank you so much for keeping this blog updated. Your hard work is really appreciated. Please continue okey? 😀

  20. thank a lot of your updated about joo won… i really liked him since bridal mask, and after that I find all movie and drama that he involved.. keep fighting to you also and let’s we always support joo won.. the funny thing is I always review your blog every single day even just looking photo that u had been upload or read the same story about him through your blog.. that why u must keep fighting.. your blog release my stress……. 🙂

  21. Just wanna say thank u sooooooo much for ur hard work in organizing n translating all these wonderful info on Joo Won. U can’t imagine how much strength u haven’t given me this whole year just thru the updates u put up… Strength n anticipation to just get thru the daily grind of life. Thank u again n keep up the great work! Will continue to support ur blog for as long as u are here! ;D

  22. Thank you very much for this international forums. I hope Joo Won ever read our reviews and feel the love of fans around the world to him … Thank You, yoonshinli, for your hard work on maintaining this blog.
    With sincerity … From Russia, Vladivostok …. Elena

  23. Woa, our official love site for JW is also 1 year old, your info is quick and awesome. This is where I come whenever craving for our idol’s smile. 1 year is not long but I just think how much you devote in one year to this blog. Thank for your kind effort and wish you luck!!!!
    From: Trang, Vietnam.

  24. Thank you..thank you so much for this beautiful blog ^^ Yeah I’m a new comer who just fell to our Joowonie so suddenly when i watched 7th Grade Civil Servant. He has a really something special to makes everyone loves him ^^. Found this blog which dedicated to those who loves Joo Won so much,who need the newest update about him it’s like an Oase. It’s became a habit to me to visit this blog 1 or every 2 days.
    Soooo…once again Thank you..thank you…thank you…”
    Keep up the good work ^______^
    All the best for this lovely bolg ^______^
    Pyooong…Pyoooong ^_________^
    Fightiiiiiiiiiing ^________^

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