UEE asks Joo Won, “Have you forgotten me?”

It’s been a while since UEE and Joo Won met since their famous ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, but rather than expressing her happiness upon reuniting with him, UEE couldn’t help but fluster him as she expressed a bit of jealousy!

The pair received the TV Rookie Award together at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards last year. However, after that, during a few interviews, Joo Won had chosen his ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ co-star Choi Kang Hee as his best partner. When UEE stood with Joo Won on stage to give the 49th Baeksang Arts Rookie Award just recently on the 9th, she demanded an answer, asking, “Last year, we received this award together and were overcome with emotion, but then afterwards you chose Choi Kang Heesunbaenim as your best partner. Have you forgotten me?“.

The question flustered Joo Won, who laughed awkwardly before he offered, “Recently, the show I had the most fun watching is ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘ (UEE’s starring drama). I had a lot of fun watching it,” cheering up UEE just a bit.

Good save, Joo Won!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/05/uee-asks-joo-won-have-you-forgotten-me#disqus_thread


12 thoughts on “UEE asks Joo Won, “Have you forgotten me?”

  1. Reblogged this on yellowbunny24 and commented:
    Haha nice one UEE, she shocked joowonie because he said while laughing that “this was not on the script” .. But indeed a very good save by Joowon… loving this couple so much (Ojakgyo Brothers moments again <3, maybe il rewatch it again now hahaha) .. really praying that they would be casted on another drama. I just love their chemistry… i honestly did not expect it at first, but until now they are definitely one of my favorite love tandems among all the korean dramas that i have watched… definitely a lot of hearts out there are waiting for another project with both of them. 🙂

  2. This is cute. Well Uie, he always left you out in his interviews.. Hihi.

    I like the confident Uie, just like her fiesty and straighforward character Jae Eun in Ojakgyo Brothers.

    Wishing the two of them the best of luck in their career.

  3. joo won will go to army soon i wonder if kbs will find the replacement of joo won in 1d2n.if they find anyone else to replace him after he gone to army mayb there no chance that joo won will be back in 1d2n again after his finish his army.if the production just keep only 6 people without a replacement joo won then mayb have the opportunity to joo won return to 1d2n after finish military training later.hope so..sorry for my poor english.

  4. kind of “libra” thing i found from joo won.. haha.. unstable. but kind of cute in a way that he always treasure his partner uniqueness in every projects he has.. 😉

  5. But the reporter called it jealousy and so did I. Jealousy spoils mind and personality. Not wise and mature enough to embarass the pair. Even his mother or grandmother cannot dictate him to love or not to love or you are?

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