Choi Kang Hee, “I’ll have to send Joo Won to Kim Ah Joong & Ivy”

Actress Choi Kang Hee is prepared to ‘send’ Joo Won off. During an interview at the recent promotions of her new movie <Mina’s Stationery Shop>, she shared her feelings about her guest appearance in the KBS2 variety program <1N2D>.

Joo Won, whom like a pretty younger sister, was the one who broke the ice and paved way for communication. “I thought that it would be easily adaptable for me (in <1N2D>), but it was a little awkward. I enjoyed the wild outdoor experience. Joo Won is like a guardian angel who treats me very well; I have been showered with plenty of his love.”

Choi Kang Hee also mentioned about Joo Won’s upcoming projects like the movie “Only You”, and musical “GHOST”. He would be collaborating with Kim Ah Joong and Ivy respectively. Seeming to mind his new co-stars, she joked, “Now I’ll have to send Joo Won off to Kim Ah Joong and Ivy.”

Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won who bonded over their drama <Level 7 Civil Servant> both displayed cool charms on the 5 May episode of <1N2D>.


credits: 崔江姬de甜蜜小屋
original translation: Wily0710 Baidu


6 thoughts on “Choi Kang Hee, “I’ll have to send Joo Won to Kim Ah Joong & Ivy”

  1. “7 Grade Civil Servant” has been over for a pretty long times. But, CKH must mention JW everytimes of her interviews that how closed they were. What “I’ ll have to send Joo Won to Kim Ah Joong & Ivy”?????? Joo Won is never belonged to her. It’s very disgusting that she always draws support from Joo Won to promote herself. If U guys can read Chinese, many Chinese fans dont like her too.

  2. I thought they will still continuing their good relationship eventhough they doesn’t have much time in the future.. ^____^

    • From his later interviews, I think he still can’t forget her though she turned him down publicly in mid may. Despite this, she always wishes him success in his future career and love. For him, she is more than a friend and claimed she is a person he had never come across and talking with her was such a healing.

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