Joo Won and Joo Sang Wook in Talks for New Medical Drama

Actor Joo Won and Joo Sang Wook are currently in talks to lead the upcoming KBS drama “Green Scalpel (or “Green Mass”).”

“Green Scalpel” will draw the story of a young man with autism who becomes a pediatric surgeon. If confirmed, Joo Woon will play the character of Park Min Jae with the autistic developmental disorder who overcomes obstacles to become a pediatric surgeon. Joo Sang Wook will play the role of Kim Do Han who is one of the best pediatric surgeons in Korea and comes up against Park Min Jae.

It has only been five months since Joo Won’s last drama, “Level 7 Civil Servant,” and he is currently starring in the musical “Ghost.” Joo Sang Wook is also busy with his leading role in the cable drama, “Ten 2.”

“Green Scalpel” is slated to premier after the end of “Shark.”


7 thoughts on “Joo Won and Joo Sang Wook in Talks for New Medical Drama

  1. i REALLY hope he takes up this character. it seems like a very challenging role, and it’s is so different than the usual policeman role he plays. nothing against that, i LOVE watching him act as a policeman, he looks HOT in a uniform, beating up people (yes, i’m a sadistic, i know). i just want to see him play a different role for once. ^^

    if he does takes this role, it’s gonna be very tough for him. idk if his movie has completed filming or in the process, and there’s the musical too, not forgetting 1N2D filming every other weekend.

  2. It will be nice for Joo Won to take up this role. It will be something different for him and I will love to see him play a harder role. He’s a great actor, so he will do well. I’m a fan of Joo Sang Wook, too, so it will be so nice to see both of them in a drama together. ❤

  3. Is it already confirmed?! The story seems interesting already! It’s modern drama not historical right? Joo Won is really worn out nowadays, hope this drama schedules won’t make him sick.

    • I hope it’s modern drama so I can watch it , I love KDrama but I was never interested in the story and setting of historical drama,

  4. oh my goodness… i want to see him act as autistic person…..turned to doctor. incredible…..challenging role that he can manage.. hes such a versatile actor….

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