Actor Joo Won Seems To Attract Accidents

Joo Won is an enthusiastic actor but he’s also a little accident-prone. He’s sustained more than one injury in his kdrama career, most notably while filming the recent dramas “Level 7 Civil Servant” and “Bridal Mask.”

Only a few days ago he was injured so badly while filming an episode of the reality/variety show, “One Night, Two Days” that he was knocked unconscious and was rushed to the emergency room.

On the show, he smashed his nose into someone’s head while he was playing football at Korea Maritime University. After being treated in the emergency room he returned to the set and resumed filming. He was praised for his professionalism, but given the tight filming schedules of kdramas, he probably didn’t want to be responsible for slowing down production. That happened once before and it was also caused by an injury to his nose.

His most serious injury to date happened on the set of “Bridal Mask,” when he hurt the ligaments in his wrist. The drama takes place during the Japanese occupation of Korea. In the drama Joo Won plays Kang To, a man who initially makes peace with the Japanese invaders but then becomes a vengeful hero. There are lots of action scenes in the drama, many involving martial arts, and acting in them resulted in several injuries. Joo Won hurt his wrist in one scene where he had to block an oncoming kick but missed his cue. His co-star Park Ki Woong was also injured while filming, in one instance having to get more than 15 stitches.

Although he played a National Intelligence Service rookie agent in “Level 7 Civil Servant.” Joo Won’s injuries on that set were not sustained during an action scene. His action scene training might have taught him to better dodge flying targets, because his co-star Choi Kang Hee threw a bowl of noodles at him and hit him in the nose. He was taken to the emergency room and treated. Only this time, production was halted. Choi Kang Hee apologized for the injury.

“I wanted to finish the scene in one shot but he got hit,” said Choi Kang Hee. “Because of the injury, we had to stop filming for three days.”

Although the actor is still getting injured, at least he seems to be recovering faster. Hopefully, he will develop a better sense of when to dodge flying objects and other people’s heads.



5 thoughts on “Actor Joo Won Seems To Attract Accidents

  1. Joo Won is a professional actor. He such a hardworker and had a great responsibilities in his job.Salute ^^Don’t push yourself too much oppa… Take care Joowonies ^^

  2. i should sympathize actors who could be hurt during the filming, but i cant help laughing reading the last sentence.
    Joo Won, fighting! kkkkkkk

  3. the other accidents were true, but it seems the news about him getting injured in 1N2D while playing football was slightly exaggerated. he was not knocked unconscious, but he was in pain and was rested on the sidelines. he just sat there and continued to watch his hyungs play against the team. i think only after that scene ended did they take him for treatment. but he was fine, so he returned to filming.

    i hope he wont get in any more injuries, but being an action actor, of course he tends to get into injuries. hope he minimizes those injuries. i’m looking forward to watching his next movie and musical~ ❤

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