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15 thoughts on “[Engsub] 1 night 2 days season 2 Ep.60 watch online

  1. Kim Jong Min is really funny ๐Ÿ™‚ ! I began to watch this program because of Joo Won. But now I a watching it because of Kim Jong Min. Sorry Joo Won, you are still a great actor ๐Ÿ˜› …

  2. joo won is a shy man.so he always dont show up her funny side.this is variety show so i hope joo won will more open himself and act natural..dont push hard in any games..it ok to lose sometime…

  3. at kbs youtube 1d2n channel,someone said this,
    thank u KBS,
    i really don’t like Choi Kang Hee, the episode was OK๏ปฟ but the appearance of Choi Kanghee ruin it
    i used to like joo won, but after this episode i really start to dislike him,
    Taehyun & Jongmin are the best..
    Ehm i dont know why mayb they found something when watching Joo won adn CKH in this epsode.joo won action feel like he like her more then noona..mayb coz they dont like him with her..i feel bad for this program now..why they put so much guest in this program now..it would b great if only 7 of them like usual …do a games only 7 of them..i miss oldays when bird pd and seungwoo in this program..

    • i prefer bird pd too, the games are more fun and the winners and losers prizes are like heaven and earth so the members really have to strive their best to win,

    • Wish to know what and when CKH hurts you or your family. Ordinary people may hate others with reasons. Myself I have never paid any interest to Joo Won and with the hatred speech from his crazy fans push me to start dislike him. CKH have tried to extinguish the rumour whenever she has chances , means, she denied Joo Won for his sake. So what else she can do? Think if you have head.

  4. I don’t understand why people cares so much about the relationships of Joo Won. Fans should only pay attention to his acting and they have to leave him alone about his private life.

    • i prefer bird pd too, the games are more fun and the winners and losers prizes are like heaven and earth so the members really have to strive their best to win,

    • You are completely right. Crazy fans are always unconcious, don’t know what is right or wrong. CKH is great here, full of spirits, hardly found in any actresses. All younger actors who play with her like her, Ji Hyun Woo, Jaejoong,JYJ, 2PM because she always cares for them, why not Joo Won. Joo Won’s lines at the begining may hurt someone but there is any thing involving CKH. Just ask him why he said so and all before that.

  5. I rewatched this episode last night with my sisters. We found something different with english subtitle. I love all the 7 man in this show.Each of them has a different style, so colourfull ^^. Just can’t stop laughed from the start till the end.
    Love the pure Joo Won esp when he say “Since it’s a romantic bacpacking trip, So I will invited friend, A person I cheerish, It’s someone that I want to take care forever…”
    OMG…how can you be so sweet ^____^
    PS : (don’t care if this statement is just act or pure from his heart, since I’m Joo Won – Choi Kang Hee shipper ๐Ÿ˜› )
    Everybody’s has their own opinion about Joo Won, either it’s good or bad.
    As a fans of him I really respecting his personal life..
    Just wish for the best…support for his succeed & his happiness ^^
    Oppa….Fightiiiing ^………….^

  6. being honest i don’t really like this eps.. i like wacthing them without guest or maybe the guest was like the episode with the athletes, i think that episode was really fun
    the best part in this episode is the moment when Taehyun with his kids and when they’re playing rock paper scissor with the kids at the amusement park..

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  8. I like 2d1n season 1 a lot… always make me laugh like crazy. I started watching season 2 because i admire Joo won from the the drama “good doctor” he’s such a good actor! In here he is cute and innocent like a kid. I think this episode is a bit boring but I am curious about the relationship between Joo won and Kang hee ^____^ so I can stand watching it. I can say Joo Won like Kang Hee a lot, not as a friend but a woman. I admire that Joo won is brave enough to say his feeling toward her sincerely. I would be happy for them if they can end up together but I think it must be very very very hard for them especially for kang hee since Joo won fan girls are expecting too much from his girlfriend. I think age different is a big issue thats everyone who not involve in the relationship concern about!?! Only Joo won doesnt bother about it!. In my opinion Kang hee doesn’t look 10 years older than Joo won, they actully look quite good together.
    So if you are Joo won fans…try to open your mind, support him and his love one!

    • To this date their relationship is only friends. CKH made it clear publicly in Hwashin and I think JW should realize her true feeling. She has been cherished not only by him but also by her younger actors due to her pure and innocent personality. I reply your comment bcos I found it in my email.

  9. i watched this ep more than 10 times and yet i never get bored!watching this videos is like a de stress theraphy cause i felt happy and joyfull whenver i wactched them.Applause to CKH for her hardwork and efforts in this show!She is so cute and sporting.Love to see JW and CKH together as a couple. In my point of view, CKH had fallen in love with JW too but minded about the society perception abt the age gap i guess that is why she has publicially denied JW.JW dont give it up if you really sure about your feeling!fightinh

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