Joo Won leads in KBS “Green Mass”

Actor Joo Won has been cast for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Green Mass“.

Joo Won takes on the role of a pediatric resident Park Si-on. In the human medical drama “Green Mass“, Park Si-on is the son of a minor who was abusive and therefore Si-on suffers autism and development disability but is taken care of at a health center and not a children’s facility.

This is because of Si-on’s genius mind called the savant syndrome (showing outstanding perspective for the human body and long term memory). Director Choi senses the genius in Si-on and becomes his supporter, developing him into pediatric resident. However, Si-on’s personality development disability is the problem. He’s suffering various disabilities but he’s sure about his right’s and wrong’s.

Park Si-on is a pure and untainted soul. He’s also got the heart of a bright child and has a warm heart which cares for people. Joo Won was attracted by this fact that made him take on this role.

Joo Won‘s agency claims, “Joo Won is able to expand his spectrum through this role. He should do well as he is very responsible for his duties”.

Previously, Joo Won starred in dramas, “Bread, Love and Dreams“, “Ojak Brothers“, “Bridal Mask”and “7th Grade Civil Servant”. Many are thrilled to see Joo Won and this new character that he’s putting on.

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11 thoughts on “Joo Won leads in KBS “Green Mass”

  1. Wooowss…He gonna take a small screen again in very short time after his latest drama 🙂
    OMG…you’re such a workaholic Joo Won ssi…:P
    Taking a role as a diffable person with autism hmmm…cool choice ^^
    Wish for good luck Jowoonie ^^
    아자아자잣 파이팅 !!!!

  2. this is gonna be amazing! i think with a child abuse history, he would need to be in a lot of angst. remember when he was very depressed in Ojakgyo Brothers, when he found out his mother died? maybe he would need to act that way.

    this is a highly potential award-winning drama. with great characters. i’m looking forward to see how joowon will take up this challenge. this is something very new to him. fighting joowon! ❤

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  4. excited to see joo won again and this drama will be a hit for sure…. as a sped teacher i’m looking forward to see how will joo won portray a doctor with autism..i know he can do it well bcoz he is such a great actor…. joo won ssi fighting…. 🙂 ❤

  5. Reblogged this on yellowbunny24 and commented:
    And Joo won got the role!!!! yehey… excited to see him in a drama again, excited to see how much he’ll improve more as an actor. Go Joo won, just dont get too much stressed on your work. 🙂 Wishing him luck in this anticipated drama.^^~

  6. I heard that Moon Chae Won considering to take the LF role… If she takes it, then they will be wonwon couple or moonmoon couple… haha.. ^^

  7. ohhh…. curious to that…. moon chae won is a good actress…..y not…with their talking eyes,,…. in a silence they can create a very excellent scene….flexyjoowon

  8. seems interesting story line,if they join this ill give them big aplause cz its gonna b hard act,th hard one for both

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