Joo Won’s fanmeeting! Fans were excited with his talents of singing and dancing

Thousands of fans participated Joo Woo’s Fanmeeting and Concert in Tokyo. He has gathered attention being a hallyu star of the new generation.

On 14 June, Joo Won arrived at Haneda Airport and received warm welcome from fans, that shows how popular he is.

He held his fanmeeting and concert on 15 June in Tokyo International Forum Hall C. At the event, Joo Won communicated with fans and held a concert. He showed off his hidden talents of singing and dancing which made Japanese fans all excited.

His passionate dancing of PSY’s Gangnam Style had stirred up atmosphere of the venue.

According to his agency SIM Entertainment, Level 7 Civil Servant was just aired not long ago, they didn’t expect JW had received that much support from fans. They can now feel the popularity of JW. From now on, they consider to arrange more chances for JW meeting his fans in Asia.

On the day, Japanese media went to interview JW “Joo Won’s popularity and singing ability are his best stage manner.” They predicted it won’t be too far until he becomes hallyu star of the next generation.”

Joo Won is currently shooting a movie “Only You”. He is also chosen to lead KBS2 TV drama airing in August by playing the role of pediatrician Park Shi On. Expectation has been gathered.

English translation by manyearsago @ soompi



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