Joo Won Shooting Both A Film And A Drama

While taking on the role of the autistic pediatrician Park Shi On for his new drama, “Good Doctor,” actor Joo Won also has to deal with a hit and run driver in the film “Only You 2013.” Fortunately, she is the girl of his dreams.

He is currently shooting the film with Kim Ah Joong, who plays his crush Yoon Jin Sook. In the film, Joo Won’s character Lee Ho Tae meets Yoon Jin Sook again after dreaming about her for ten years. But it’s not a dream come true. She turns out to be a hit and run driver. It’s the kind of thing that forces you to reevaluate your feelings for someone. Hit and run driving is a serious subject but from all the film descriptions so far, it looks like it will be a comedy and no real pedestrians will be hurt in the making of the film.

Kim describes her film character as unpredictable.

“Yoon Jin Sook is a mysterious character that behaves unexpectedly,” said Kim. “I expect the film will be sweet and lovely.”

On the first day of filming Joo Won said that things were going well.

“The story is fun, so I think we will continue to have an enjoyable time filming,” he said.

That’s good because while he is filming “Only You,” the star of “Level 7 Civil Servant” and “Bridal Mask” is already busy shooting his new medical drama with co-star Moon Chae Won.

Filming a drama can be very demanding, some more than others. For example, his role in “Bridal Mask” was so tiring that it surprised the actor.

“When it started I was fully confident of my physical stamina,” said Joo. “But it was really exhausting. I want to be an actor that is full of vitality.”

Add a film to a drama schedule and it can be exhausting, even for the fittest actors. Joo Won generally exercises and eats well but a demanding filming schedule can make it harder for anyone to maintain a healthy routine.

Netizens have expressed some concern that the actor is losing weight because of his demanding schedule. The first stills from his drama show the actor looking thin and a little lost, but he does play a character that has problems relating to people and the world around him.

It doesn’t help his energy levels that he felt a pressing need to give something back to his fans. The actor recently attended a fan meeting in Japan where he wowed the audience with his energetic interpretation of Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”



7 thoughts on “Joo Won Shooting Both A Film And A Drama

  1. Oppa…no matter how busy you are, please take care of yourself ^^
    Stay healthy..
    주원니 아자 아자 아자작 화이팅 !!!

  2. Yay I’m so excited for Joo Won and Chae Won! They have the same surname I just noticed… 🙂 I love them about and I’m looking forward for their new drama :))

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