[INTERVIEW] Hot Chili Paper VOL. 75 (Japan) 2013

Currently being the most powerful actor,  Joo Won showing us his purity and frankness through filial affection

The 4th March 2013 marked the anniversary of the 1000th day after Joo Won made his debut in TV drama Baker King.  During these 3 years, Joo Won played 4 dramas and 2 movies.  The highest viewer rating of “Ojakgyo Brothers” was 36.3%.  “Level 7 Civil Servant”, which was broadcast back in January, once achieved the 1st place in viewer ratings and was running smoothly.  Joo Won has become a popular star within a short period of time, it is unexpected to find out the purity he still possesses within himself.  Let’s go and approach him.


~ Congratulations to the 1000th day of your debut

JW:  When I heard 1000 days, it sounds a long time but in actual fact, it is like a blink of an eye.  I have been working without any breaks and it is physically very hard for me, however because of this, many people came to know about me so I feel it is worthwhile more than anything else.

~ Playing a villain in your debut drama, next you played an abrupt but actually an aegyo maknae, then a cool-headed crime analyst and now a charismatic hero as a nice and friendly secret agent who sometimes was impudent, viewers are never sick of you as you played totally different characters in all your projects.

JW:  I don’t select the characters and projects simply based on appealing for changes like if my character was like that last time and what I should go for in  next project.  I select the projects based on the elements of if there are more I can learn, if I can enjoy more on acting and if the character is attractive.

In the characters you played before, which one do you find it most attached ?

JW:  uhn, it is too difficult (laugh). Can you give me some time to think about it? Aah, which one should I choose…..…  no.  I don’t think I can choose (laugh).  However the character which is closest to mine is Han Gil Ro in “Level 7 Civil Servant”.

~ “Level 7 Civil Servant” is a romantic comedy which Joo Won had been wanting to play.

JW:   The pace of acting between Choi Kang Hee sunbae and myself matched so well therefore I had so much fun acting together with her.  The most difficult scenes were the sudden change of our feelings like when we were flirting to each other this minute and then suddenly one of us had to point a gun at each other.   I had problems on how to play a serious scene like this.

~ It was a hot topic when you played with your co-star 2PM’s Chan Sung.  Both of you played rivals in the drama, how was it like when you two were in the filmset?

JW:  He is a hard worker and a sincere brother!  Since he is a top idol, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is self-conceited but he is actually a very nice boy! He doesn’t get discouraged.  Even Choi Kang Hee sunbae said  “We feel depressed when we made mistakes and we couldn’t stand up straightaway but Chan Sung isn’t like that at all.” (laugh)  I was surprised seeing him like that, I want to learn from him.

~ You played different types of “son” in the previous projects but what type of “son” are you in real life?

JW:I behave as a mature type when I am not home but once I am home, I am completely like a child.  I always think I have to carry out filial piety but when I think about it, I don’t do anything at all.  What I am saying is I don’t do it well even I want to do it.  Parents are always very considerate and do a lot for their children but there are so less which children can do for their parents.  This is exactly what I am doing.  I am pretty hopeless to my parents.   Whatever I do, my parents always engage me with lots of love.  I wonder whether this is the privilege of being a maknae? (laugh)

~ Previously you went to a strawberry farm for filming a variety show, you said “You have to buy some for your mom” and you were holding a box of strawberries.  In front of the TV, I screamed “you are so cute”

JW:  Thank you (laugh).  Wherever I go,  buying and bringing home for my parents with delicious food has become my habits.  When there are places where they don’t accept orders for takeaway or they don’t arrange delivery,  I will just pick up copy of their business card and bring it home (laugh).  And there are many occasions like sending my parents for holidays as presents.  If I can do it, I would like to take my parents with me to the places where they want to go, it can be a domestic or overseas trip.  Actually, my parents spent one month holidaying in America last month.

~ You carry out filial piety properly even you live a busy life.  By the way, do you spend time leisurely at a café?

JW:  I always go to café.  It is just a café right in front of my house (laugh).  Because my house is far from Seoul, if it is not something important, I won’t make a special trip going to Seoul seeing my friends there (laugh).  I just visit  the café in front of my house as they bake nice bread but I am on my own most of the time.  Sometimes, I will call out my childhood friends who are still living nearby for catching up.

~ What would you talk with your childhood friends?

JW:  Because they are all graduated from university and are currently engaging in acting and I am the one who started acting as a career first so I give them advice wherever I can.  Of course, we occasionally talk about love affairs like “You can’t date with this kind of  girl” (laugh).  But the topic which elevates  atmosphere the most is all about acting.

~ Other than work, what else are you passionate in?

JW:  My problem is I don’t have a hobby.  When I am taking time off, I feel like my mind is blank, but it is not bad at all for not having a hobby.

~ Are you the type who can’t easily shake off the character from you after filming?

JW:  I pretend I have shaken the character off me but most of the time the character still lives in my mind.  If I can’t shake it off, I can’t think of my next project, so I have to force myself going out for breathing in some fresh air and drinking my favourite coffee, I try not to think about this and that but I still can’t shake it off.  It sounds strange but while I am doing this, I have started to worry about the future and marriage of being an actor.  I am this type of person (laugh).


The interview was being carred out while Joo Won was having his brunch.  With smiles Joo Won said a few times “the food is delicious!”  He searched for the business card of the restaurant upon finishing his food.  I bet for sure he will take his parents to this restaurant for trying out the food.  When seeing him like this, I screamed “he is so cute!”

The interview was done at “Walkabout Café” in Nam San, Seoul as per http://mjw0930.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1409.html

THANK YOU http://moonjoowonfrenchsource.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/interview-hot-chili-paper-vol-75-japan-2013/ for the english version ^^


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