Joo Won’s First Scene For “Good Doctor”

The production of Good Doctor has released first stills of its leading star Joo Won.

The following was the first scene Joo Won shot for the drama, which took place in Gyeonggi Province last June 17. The actor looks tidy wearing a suit, but his character seems a little nervous and alert, appearing to keep a keen eye on his surroundings as he walks with his luggage.

In the drama, Joo Won plays an autistic man with a mental age of a 10-year-old and despite his developmental disability, he becomes a pediatric surgeon.

Good Doctor will being airing on August 5th on KBS.


2 thoughts on “Joo Won’s First Scene For “Good Doctor”

  1. Ooooooh, thank you! It seems like only yesterday that promo pictures of his last drama (no, I don´t wanna name that debacle!!!) were floating around and now he provides us with a new chance to enjoy one of his dramas! Could summer be anymore sweeter:-)

  2. another drama which will show joo won’s superb acting! thank you for posting these pictures, now i’m more excited to see this drama. 🙂

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