The Doctor is In: Joo Won to Flood the Nation with Tears through ‘Good Doctor’

The first shots from the set of new KBS drama <Good Doctor> have been revealed showing actor Joo Won perfectly in character with his role as Park Shi-on.

<Good Doctor>, (written by Park Jae-bum, directed by Ki Min-soo, produced by Logos Film) will premiere on August 5th on KBS. Joo Won plays Park Shi-on, a youth suffering from autism but also shows signs of having savant syndrome. His role is expected to flood the nation with tears, with the drama promising to be a healing story.
Joo Won has been immersed in his role as Park Shi-on from the start, with his serious eyes and clear voice as well as strange manner of speech expected from a person suffering from a developmental disorder.
Joo Won’s first shoot was on July 17th at Gwangmyeong Station. He was wearing a neat grey suit and looked nervous. He kept his eyes on the script and tried to be in character, and also was active in discussing the scenes with director Ki Min-soo, showing a lot of passion for his new role.
When he was talking with the staff, he was all smiles, but once the film started rolling, Joo Won was 100% Park Shi-on, even showing emotion in a split second he was standing to wait for the train.
Joo Won showed energy asking many people for advice on the character Park Shi-on as this sort of character was never shown on dramas before, and read many books related to autism and savant syndrome. The audience will anxiously wait to see how Joo Won will transform Park Shi-on into a new character.
The drama’s production company, Logos Film, said, “Joo Won has been building up his acting repertoire through many different works. He will be showcasing an entirely different character through ‘Good Doctor’. We hope the audience looks forward to seeing Joo Won on screen and acknowledges his efforts to truly become one with his character Park Shi-on.”
<Good Doctor> is a human medical drama that takes place in the pediatric surgery department of a general hospital. It will tell the story of autistic youth Park Shi-on overcoming obstacles and prejudices of the world to develop as a pediatric surgeon. The new drama will premiere on August 5th as the follow up to <Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus> for the Monday, Tuesday timeslot.

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