Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong begin testing out their chemistry in upcoming movie ‘Only You’

Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong showed their chemistry as the perfect couple while filming their upcoming movie, ‘Only You‘!

Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong began filming last month, and a new still cut released shows the pair looking at something or someone with curiosity, making fans also curious as to what will happen. Joo Won will take on the role of Lee Ho Tae who meets his first love, Yoon Jin Sook (Kim Ah Joong), who he continues to dream about, after a decade and the love story that unfolds.

Kim Ah Joong shared, “In the film, Kim Ah Joong plays the role of Yoon Jin Sook who is a mysterious character who behaves unexpectedly. I am waiting in anticipation for this film which will be sweet and lovely.”

Joo Won shared, “We started our first filming in the morning. The weather and atmosphere were both good, and the story is fun, so I think we will continue to have an enjoyable time filming. Please look forward to it.”

‘Only You’ will hit theaters later this year.



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