Joo Won and Joo Sang Wook’s friendship gives birth to the “Joo-Joo Brothers”

Joo Won and Joo Sang Wook will appear in KBS2 Monday, Tuesday drama <Good Doctor> as autistic youth Park Shi On and pediatric surgeon Kim Do Han respectively.

For both men, this is their first time acting as a doctor since debut. Thus, with increasing expectations on their new challenge, they are passionately acting out their roles. Their same surnames also have caught everyone’s attention, causing them to be given the title of “Joo-Joo Brothers”.

In the story, pediatric surgeon Dr Kim Do Han is very unhappy with the acceptance of autistic Dr Park Shi On who has the personality of a 10 year old. The unusual Dr Park and Dr Kim who has a painful past, thus become opponents.

However, once the filming ends, the two displays a deep friendship that’s a total departure from their acting. During break time, the two looks warmly at each other and chat happily.

Joo Won always responds with a sweet smile to Joo Sang Wook’s unique humour, bringing warmth to the atmosphere on set. The two who get along very well with each other, together with their laughter and smiles have changed the entire film set into a sea of happiness. With such harmony, the production will bring a touching drama to the viewers in this second half of the year, giving rise to a “touching medical drama”.

<Good Doctor> is a medical drama set in a university hospital pediatric department, showing the lives of the medical professionals and their romances. It is the first collaboration between writer Park Jae Bum who with cable tv OCN drama <God’s Quiz> broke new ground for ethical medical drama and PD Ki Min Soo who was behind KBS2 <Goodbye Solo> etc. It will take over from <Shark> on August 5th

Chinese translation : beshd斯达 Good Doctor Baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi

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