Joo Won Ready to Become “Good Doctor”

A still image of Korean actor Joo Won in his KBS medical drama “Good Doctor.” [KBS]

Korean actor Joo Won has expressed his determination in portraying his new character with autism in an upcoming medical drama.

A press release from Joo Won’s agency Sim Entertainment disclosed Tuesday the actor’s will to well depict autistic doctor Park Sion with a developmental disorder in upcoming KBS series “Good Doctor,” slated to premiere next Monday.

Joo Won was said to have met medical specialists and children with autism for two months before shooting the drama, devoting his passion to complete the demanding character who overcomes prejudices of the world and finally becomes a pediatric surgeon.

Born as an only son of miner, Park Sion suffers autism and developmental disorder after observing his abusive father, but comes to receive special education when a director of health center discovers Park’s special gift that comes from his savant syndrome (a syndrome with gift in space skills and memory regarding human body).

Starring Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang-uk and Kim Min-seo, “Good Doctor” is medical drama with humanism about professional and love life of medical specialists in a pediatric surgery department.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Sim Entertainment



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