Joo Won radiates the clear and pure personality of Park Si On

On the 3rd, Logos Film revealed a picture of Joo Won in KBS2TV, Mon/Tues drama <Good Doctor> as Park Si On on the film set.

In the picture, Joo Won had made the soap bubbles on his hair into spikes while shampooing it. In another picture, he celebrates his own birthday with 5 choco pies piled up into a cake with a candle stuck on top of it.

These scenes were taken on the 17th June at Gangwon-do, Taebaek and on the 11th July at Gyeonggi-do, Ansan. When Joo Won started filming <Good Doctor>, he discussed with the PD on how to make his portrayal more realistic.

Moreover, while preparing to shoot the scene of the birthday celebration, Joo Won looked at the pile of choco pies with the delight of a child. But once the real shooting started, sitting there alone, looking at the birthday cake with its solitary candle, his expressions were a mix of regret of loss and of his tragic childhood, earning him good critique.

Logos film expressed: “There is never ending laughter on the film set because of Joo Won’s happy smiles and aegyo. His clear and pure personality is very much similar to that of Park Si On in the drama.” Nicknamed the “Happy Virus in Filming”, Joo Won’s lively performance is anticipated.”

<Good Doctor> broadcast this 5th August

Source: Newsen

Chinese translation on Joo Won Baidu

English translation : mrdimples@soompi

Source for the news:

NOTICE: This news doesn’t belong to me, all source of the english news belonged to soompi and the translator (Mr.dimple), please take full credit if you bring this news to anywhere else, thanks ^_^


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