[Translated] Joo Won’s twitter updated (04-08-2013)

드디어 내일 굿닥터 첫방이네요^^

의사 박시온을 보실 수 있겠네요^^

새로운 캐릭터라 저도 긴장되네요~

많은 시청 부탁드립니다!~

KBS 새 월화드라마 “굿닥터”

밤 10시 입니다!

Translated: Finally, tomorrow is the day “Good Doctor” will be on air ^^

You guys will watch doctor Park Si On, right ^^

This is the new kind of character which is the first time I try on, so I’m nervous ~

Everybody, please support the drama! ~

New drama of KBS on Mon – Tue nights “Good Doctor”

At 10pm!

Engtrans: yoonshinli


11 thoughts on “[Translated] Joo Won’s twitter updated (04-08-2013)

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  2. JOO WON, you are an AMAZING actor who makes Dr. Park Si On a very REAL and believable person. FIGHTING!! excellent show!! it will sad when the season ends, so i hope there will be a SEASON 2 for everyone to love. i am learning Korean, so someday i hope to be able to write in your language. i live in OMAHA, NEBRASKA… which is in the middle of the USA. i am a graphic designer, and i am inventing a “KDRAMA SURVIVAL KIT” complete with Kleenex tissues and band-aids with JOO WON pictures them that i hope all KDRAMA ADDICTS like me will buy! it would be a good idea that the money proceeds would go directly to a fund to support children, orphanage of your choice. do you like the idea? SARANGAE SWEETIE-PIE!!! i love your dimples, too. xoxo, LOU ANNE (rhymes with JOO WON) tee hee hee… i am your biggest American fan!!!

    • okay… well, maybe I will go to the convenience store and buy a hammer? so I stretched it a bit. my name doesn’t really rhyme with JOO WON. but, when I was a little girl my mom would yell at me “louANNA!!!” in polish-german (sounding like “looo wanna” rhyming more with marijuana!) my bad…

      • oh, but, don’t get me wrong… we weren’t smoking any of that funny funky weed! honest. I better stop NOW.

  3. it’s just that there wasn’t any way to delete or edit the first post. i’m just trying to fix it! okay, i’ll buy a round of sojus for everyone… barkeep!

      • nice to meet you! this is new to me, because I though the blog was an organization, but there’s really a YOU behind it. thanks for making this site! wow… I just read somewhere that our sweetie broke into tears after having left 1N2D… do you know how he is doing???

      • thanks yoonshinli! you probably won’t see me around much since i don’t really care much for musicals, and the american version of GHOST was laughable; but, i’m sure joo won will do an excellent role play! but you do an excellent job with your blog! impressive… i would be interested in submitting reviews on BAKER KING and BRIDAL MASK, if you would like them? have a happy day!

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