Good Doctor” Moon Chae Won praises, “ Joo Won has much to show as an actor, I learn a lot ”

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Good Doctor” Moon Chae Won praises, “ Joo Won has much to show as an actor, I learn a lot ”

Moon Chae Won spoke up about her luck during the press conference of new KBS drama “ Good Doctor” (written by Park Jae Bum, directed by Lee Min Soo), which was hold at Seoul St. Mary’s hospital on the afternoon of the 31st. She said, “Because Joo Won ssi works on activities after activities, I haven’t meet anyone occupied with work like him.”

Moon Chae Won praised Joo Won; “There has never had a passing scene on TV.” Whenever I think of the sensation of “Gaksital”, I look forward to see the cast mates. A good actor delivers sentiment”. With “ Good Doctor”, I wonder if I have any questions how this friend can absorb into his roles”.

She continued.” While working together, actors often have similarities and also differences. However, Joo Won ssi and my personalities have a lot in common, so it feels comfortable to work with him. Although we don’t talk much, but chatting and listening well to each other are great.”

Moon Chae Won also said. “Joo Won ssi is one year younger, but together his pure soul makes me feel younger. It can’t falter in any circumstances together. I am surprised. A friend I can learn from. I expect how future shoots turn out.”

“Good Doctor” portrays the effort of specialist and spread love of pediatric surgeons through humane medical drama.

With the acclaimed writer of OCN drama “ God’s quiz” Park Jae Bum, opened a new boundary for medical drama, along with creator behind the heart-warming and comedy solid dramas such as “ Good bye solo”, “ The Accidental Couple” and “Ohjakgyo brothers”, PD lee Min Soo; their collaboration prompts anticipation.

Moon Chae Won plays the second year pediatric surgeon resident in the university. She is beautiful, smart and confident and easy going personalities. Because of her love for children, her childhood dream was becoming a kindergarten teacher. But after volunteering in pediatric ward in high school, she wanted to become a doctor. Because of her kindness and care for children, she always put them in priority and often leads to conflict between her and Kim Do Han.

Starring Joo Won, Moon Chae Won, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Min Seo, Chun Ho Jin, Kwak Do Won, Na Young Hee, Jin Kyung, Jo Hee Bong, Jung Man Sik, Kim Young Kwang, and “Good doctor” first broadcasts on august 5.


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