“Good Doctor” Makes Strong Debut on TV Charts

Joo Won’s new medical drama “Good Doctor” made a winning debut atop Monday and Tuesday prime time drama charts on the week of its debut.

The drama was the most-watched prime time show after drawing in an average viewership rating of 12.45 percent on August 5 and 6, AGB Nielsen Media Research (Nielsen Korea) showed on Wednesday.

“Goddess of Fire,” which had been on the top spot for five consecutive weeks until last week, was pushed down a slot to second place with an average mark of 10.8 percent for the same time period.

“Golden Empire” was also pushed down a slot to third place after nabbing in a close average score of 10.4 percent, which is a slight increase from last week.

Meanwhile, TNmS’s (Total National Multimedia Statistic) survey showed the programs in the same order with a slight difference in the numbers for the time slot.

“Good Doctor” took the top spot with an average score of 12.05 percent while “Goddess of Fire” sat at No. 2 with an average rating of 10.85 percent and “Golden Empire” took the bottom slot with and average rating of 10.5 percent.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah domino@tenasia.co.kr

Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of KBS


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