Japan TV Guide Haru Hana 2013 Sept Issue: Special interview with Joo Won ~ first time challenging romance comedy

Great performance in playing Han Gil Ro as a secret agent of National Intelligence Service

~ Active musical actor Joo Won was highly praised for his acting in his debut drama “Baker King” and in no time, he is under the spotlight of  “Hallyu Star of Next Generation”.  He is named as “Prince of Ratings” because the dramas “Ojakgyo Brothers” and “ Bridal Mask” in which he played the lead role, achieved high viewer ratings.  After that, he challenged his first time in playing a romance comedy “Level 7 Civil Servant”. 

“I played the role Han Gil Ro who lived a care free life.  I could see him as a cool guy.  In the beginning of the drama, there was a car racing scene and he looked cool but on the other hand, he was actually like a boy.  When he was little, he watched the “007” movie and since then, he always dreamt of becoming a person like James Bond.  I think his pureness was very charming.”

~ When playing the role of Gil Ro, did you find any similarities to yourself?

“We have similarities like positive thinking.  When I come across with hard and tough time, I will just laugh it off.  Certainly I could be serious when I need to be serious but I also have the mischievous side of me (laugh).  Because I have positive thinking in everything, I can honestly express my feelings, these are our similarities.  For me, whether male or female, I like to have skinship with people I like.   Even saying in words, I can say “ah… I really like you” (embarrassed)

~ In the drama, Gil Ro fell for Seo Won (played by Choi Kang Hee), but in real life what type of female are you attracted to?

“Even in real life, I still go for someone like Seo Won.  I like people doing their best for everything.  Her appearance doesn’t worry me, I can see a hard working person is very beautiful, don’t you agree?  On the contrary, when I see a person who can’t do the basics and is not polite,  my feelings towards this person will cool down even she is my friend and the person I love.  Recently, I always see the young ones argue with the seniors, this is something I don’t understand……. because I think no matter how wrong the seniors are, it is wrong arguing with them.

~ The drama was not a love story, it was about how Gil Ro grew as a secret agent of National Intelligence Service.  Because of his aspiration to become James Bond, his dream was to become a secret agent.  Like Gil Ro, do you have anyone you are aspired to?

“My father.  I learned from my father all about manner and personality.  He is a well-known filial son in our vicinity.  He is very nice to my grandparents.  His principle is family first so he places us as his first priority.  Perhaps I was brought up with his influence, I think my priority is my family first.  Even amongst my friends, obviously I am the type who cares about family.  I was like that when I was young and even now my father is still the person I respect the most.”

Source: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/344298/joo-won-%EC%A3%BC%EC%9B%90/p1442


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