Lee Young Hyun releases “Miracle” MV for Good Doctor OST

Lee Young Hyun released “Miracle” MV as the OST of KBS Mon-Tue medical drama, Good Doctor.

‘Miracle’ is a song like agape love dedicated to those who hoping for a miracle as the lyrics about miraculous love and power of love say. To the accompaniment of sweet guitar melody and oboe sound, Lee Young Hyun sings with her unique emotional voice. The traditional pop ballad’s musical like melody features the dramatic and emotional structure as well.

‘Good Doctor’ is a human medical drama dealing with pediatric surgeons’ struggles, anguish, and agony. The main story is about a young man suffering from savant syndrome with sociality and personality of 10-year-old boy, growing as a pediatric surgeon. It is expected to be a warmhearted interesting story.

Source: http://dramabucks.com/music/gooddoctor-ost-part-1/


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