Joo Won played “Good Doctor” 11 years ago? A mysterious fate !!


“Good Doctor is my fate.”

It became a hot topic when it is found out Joo Won previously played a project which had the same title of the current popular KBS2 Mon/Tue drama “Good Doctor”.

Joo Won is currently playing Park Shi On, a hospital resident who has savant syndrome in drama “Good Doctor” which started its airing from 5 Aug.    What makes it interesting is Joo Won played a project of the same title eleven years ago.

In order to fix his passive character, Joo Won joined a drama group when he was in the 3rd year of  junior high school and the first project he played was “Good Doctor”.   “Good Doctor” was a comedy written by comedy writer Neil Simon.  It was based on the story of Anton Chekhov and was released in 1973.

Joo Won’s management agency revealed “they really found it unbelievable.  Joo Won didn’t even suggest to the production house changing the drama title but the title just came out the same coincidentally.  It is really a very special project to Joo Won.”

On 6 Aug, “Good Doctor” achieved the average national viewer rating of 14% and is leading the ratings of the same time slot against MBC “Goddess of Fire” (11.6%) and SBS “Empire of Gold” (11%).


Source from

Japanese translation by mjw0930

English translation by manyearsago @ Joo Won soompi international fans


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