Joo Won thanks for compliments about his acting.


Joo Won’s thanks for compliments about his acting.

Actor Joo Won has got the reviews very well with the pediatric resident role Park Shi On, who has symptoms of autism, but owns the magical talent.

According to the information from one staff on 7th, Joo Won expressed his thanks about the audience’s praises for his playing along with the story of the autism character’s acting. Joo-Won said, “To prepare for my role this time, before the drama started shooting, I had visited many times the Center for austim people. I often meet Center Director and hear a lot of stories, the knowledge related to autism and more than that is being directly exposed to autism patients.”, “Meeting them helped me feel a lot of things.” In addition, he also said that: “I feel so happy, like being loaded more power when receiving the praise from the viewers.

Especially, the Director of the Center sent the message to me:”Thanks so much, you are getting into the role so well , your acting is more than I expected. I will wait to see how Shi On expresses his love”,” I feel so touching with that message “.

As soon as Joo Won’s thanks were posted, netizens replied: “Joo Won’s acting is really great”, “Joo Won’s transformation acting is so wonderful. I will continue to support him”, “Hoping that with the change of role like Joo-Won will become soon a famous actor.


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