Actress Moon Chae Won from ‘Good Doctor’ reveals she’s more attracted to younger guys


Actress Moon Chae Won guest starred on the segment ‘Guerrilla Date‘ from the recent episode of KBS‘ ‘Entertainment Relay‘ and revealed her ideal type.

She told the viewers, “I don’t really look at their looks. These days, I’m more attracted to younger guys than older ones. There are a lot of people dating younger people these days.”

When asked if she would get married to a celebrity, she answered, “It’s possible. Since there aren’t a lot of opportunities to meet people, I think I could meet someone from nearby.”

The interviewer then asked her how she felt about her co-star Joowon from ‘Good Doctor,’ and she laughed as she told him, “It can’t happen because Joowon has the same last name as me.”

Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won captured the viewers’ attention after revealing that she had worked on ballet, art and music before debuting as an actress.





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