(Good Doctor) Acting skill transfers from a hero to the autism doctor. Joo-Won-the actor makes you completely trust.

eiDHpC0Joo Won once again turned himself in acting. In the drama Good Doctor has recently released of KBS, Joo-Won has received good reviews for his role as Park Si On, a doctor is autistic.

Park Si On is diagnosed autistic syndrome at level 3 and savant syndrome with the genius ability to memorize and ability to sense the space.

At 17 years old, he was diagnosed as coming back to normal but he still suffers from sequel caused by autism, that makes him becomes a person with the insecurity eyes and timid attitude.

To play a doctor role who has a perfect skill, Joo Won has to create a slightly different image of autism person that we already know. However, only the first episode, Si On’s image was shocking to the viewers.

With a little hunchback and slow gait, but for the knowledge he knows, he talks as a robot. Park Si On was created by combination between autistic syndrome and genius ability, Joo Won one more time has transformed successfully.

Joo Won has been an actor with a transformed unlimited before in many “difficult” roles. He is known as baker role in drama “King of Baking Kim Tak Gu” to a criminal police in “Ojakgyo Brother” and “Bridal Mask” as a national hero, and the next is a spy in 7th Grade Civil Servant”, with each role he does surprise to audiences with different images.

Working as a musical actor with a solid performance skill, any of his role always shows the personality of himself performing in the character’s one with a natural way.

Joo-Won said, “Naturally I like the tension. Although I always be pressure but it seems I’m used to be like this”. And when he talks about the new role, he gets worried but finally he plays his role in a powerful way. Then we can understand somewhat Joo Won’s enthusiasm in his acting.

From that, Joo-Won does not avoid the roles for him, he expresses them by his own identity. He can show authentically anxious eyes of a autistic doctor “Park Si On” and now we can comfortably call him as “a credible actor”.

As Joo-Won’s wish that wants to change people’s prejudices about autistic person by his playing, we can expect that Joo-Won will leave a Park Si On unforgettable role in audiences’s mind.


Source: star.fnnews.com/news/index.html?no=221468

Viettrans: sit_gold@kites.vn

Engtrans: casperntv@kites.vn


2 thoughts on “(Good Doctor) Acting skill transfers from a hero to the autism doctor. Joo-Won-the actor makes you completely trust.

  1. joo won never fails to deliver an impressive acting, no matter what role he’s offered. i’m really amazed at how he can submerge himself into different roles. i especially love the way he uses his eyes to depict his character, whether in a sexy way (baker king/gaksital), or if he’s in love or hurt (as a good son/police officer in ojaekgyo brothers), his intense gaze (as a japanese army officer/ hero in gaksital), his comic expressions (level 7 civil servant), and now, a blank stare and a childlike expression as an autistic doctor in his newest drama. aaahh, joo won, what else you can’t do? you’re just simply amazing…just amazing! 🙂

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