[Ratings: Mon, 08.12.13] ‘Good Doctor’ Climbs Higher While ‘Gold’ and ‘Fire’ Continue Struggle

73729089It looks like Joo Won has another hit on his hands.

KBS’ Good Doctor continued to rise from the previous ratings of 14.0 to 15.3 percent. With the story set and the cast more focused that ever, there’s really no direction for Good Doctor to go, but up.

However, the ratings battle is not yet over.

SBS’ Empire of Gold and MBC’s Goddess of Fire Jeongi had a struggle on Monday night, where Empire of Gold managed to take the second place spot, pushing Goddess of Fire Jeongi to third after being first for several episodes.

The difference isn’t that big between the two, so a turnaround may occur, but it doesn’t seem like Good Doctor will be giving up its first place spot any time soon.

Monday August 12, 2013


1. KBS Good Doctor 15.3

2. SBS Empire of Gold 10.0

3. MBC Goddess of Fire Jeongi 9.1


tvN Who Are You 0.652 (tvN)


1. KBS Hello 10.7

2. SBS Healing Camp 7.4

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielsen Media Research
**Numbers may vary due to calculations and other factors

Photo Credit: KBS


2 thoughts on “[Ratings: Mon, 08.12.13] ‘Good Doctor’ Climbs Higher While ‘Gold’ and ‘Fire’ Continue Struggle

  1. WOW!! joo won “the ratings man” did his magic again! congratulations to all the actors and staff, please continue your hard work on delivering exciting episodes each week. i know you will remain in that no.1 spot till the end! fighting! 🙂

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