Updated some photos of GHOST photoshoot

Source: dcinside.com


7 thoughts on “Updated some photos of GHOST photoshoot

  1. So manly 😛 … It is weird to see him like this after watching him in “Good doctor”. Joo won is such a great actor 🙂 !

    • Haha.

      have you watch his other project? hehe. I’m used to JW the versatile actor.. from Ojakgyo Brother to Gaksital to Good Doctor and weekly dose of 1N2D.. He still amazed me 😉

      • Yes I have wached all his projects except his musicals :P. I didn’t like his previous drama “7th grade civil servant” and I don’t enjoy “Good doctor” that much 😦 … But I’ve never been disappointed by his acting. He is an incredible actor 🙂 !

  2. I wish Joo Won wont leave 2 days 1 night… After Good Doctor where else can i see him… Can’t watch his musicals I’m not Korean…. so sad…

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