Fans of Joo Won gives him Tong Keun Dining Car for one hundred twenty crews on the Good Doctor set

Actor Joo Won proved that he is Hallyu star as he received a Tong Keun (literally meaning “big bucket”) Dining Car from his japanese fans.
According to Joo’s agency Sim Entertainment, his japanese fan club gave Tong Keun Dining Car as present to all staff members on the drama set and the Hallyu star who is playing as Park Si-on in the KBS Monday-Tuesday TV series Good Doctor.
The present for all crews, his fellow actors as well as Joo Won who are filming around the clock included tteokbokki, rice balls, red-bean sherbet and healthy drinks for one hundred twenty people.
“We had a good time and took a break just a moment thanks to the big present.” Crews thanked the fans through Joo’s agency.
“I really appreciate japanese fans’ great support and love. All crews and I had a good time out of our busy schedule. I will gave back to you by better acting.” The 25-year-old actor said.
Joo Won is playing as ‘healing doctor’ Park Si-on who has autism, a special developmental disorder with Savant Syndrome but overcome his mental disability at last. He is praised for his outstanding acting of the young savant who shows childlike innocence but has natural talent for medical science.



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