“Good Doctor” Filming Collection, Joo Won’s 6 Combo Healing Force

“Good Doctor” 6 combo healing force of Joo Won was caught .

KBS Drama “Good Doctor” unveiled collection photos containing stills of Joo Won, passionately performing pediatric surgical therapies for kids at night.

Joo Won was seen carefully enjoying filming at the pediatric surgical residency with the children. He showed the extraordinary healing force of caring whenever the child actors are shooting for a long period of time.

He sings sweet song for the child actors who was tired of staying up all night. He minutely ask the child actors who’s lying on the operating table or those who are equipped in various medical instruments if they feel uncomfortable while shooting.

The actor was also seen meticulously attentive to the child actors who talked to him and sharing stories during rehearsals which led to a relaxed atmosphere. The kids were listening to him closely whenever he had a conversation with them and they even laugh together. As a result, child actors hailed Joo Won as the ‘Most Popular’ actor.

“Good Doctor” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m.

Source: http://dramabucks.com/drama/good-doctor-filming-collection-joo-wons-6-combo-healing-force/


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