Moon Chae-won comes closest to Joo Won

A closest “lovely headlock” of  and Moon Chae-won, the lead roles in the drama , has created a sensation.
In the episode 11 of the KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama Good Doctor (written by Park Jae-beom-I, directed by Ki Min-soo, producted by LOGOS FILM), the couple will display “heart beating” romantic scene. Park Si-on (Joo Won), who has started to express his love with “Park Si-on’s way to love” and Cha Yoon-seo (Moon Chae-won), who has known his true heart, are to show their “pinkish mood for love”.
Moon Chae-won’s drastic “lovely headlock” catches the viewer’s eyes. With her head inches from his face, the woman creeps on the man concentrating on his study with his laptop computer and clicks mouse putting her hand on his hand. She hold him in a headlock and cheers on the young doctor who can not breath.
There are high expectations for a love story of the “healing couple” thanks to their subtlety of “triple combo love scene”. Two actors played and read the script together on the drama set in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do on Sept. 3. Director Ki Min-soo suggested an natural performance like running water from hands together to headlock. As soon as filming was started, the actors immersed in their characters showed realistic acting of Cha Yoon-seo with bright smile and uncomfortable Park Si-on.
Joo was surprised at Moon suddenly came closer to burst into laughter and the atmosphere at the filming was friendly. Romantic mood of the two were prodigal of praised by crews.
“Joo and Moon shows exciting scenes through perfect teamwork. Please expect to watch more interesting ”healing love story“ of the two.” Production company LOGOS FILM said.
Meanwhile, in the episode 10, Joo Sang-wook said good-bye to Kim Min-seo, his fiancee. Kim was furious with him to tell that she had a lot to do with suspension of support for hospital since she knew that Joo Sang-wook helped Joo Won working in the department of pediatric surgery again. She also unveiled her plan to have him be the director of the hospital. “I’m never going to see you again if you don’t listen to me.” He was so angry that he warned her.

The episode 11 of Good Doctor, which attracts the attention of viewers, will be aired at 10PM on Sept. 9.



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