Summary of five-step ‘Healing couple’s love story’ in the Good Doctor

 and  have taken steps to develop their pit-a-pat ‘healing love story’.
In KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama  (written by Park Jae Beom, Directed by Ki Min Soo, producted by LOGOS FILM), Joo Won and Moon Chae Won are respectively starring as Park Si On who is an young autistic doctor with savant syndrome and Cha Yoon Seo who is straight forward second-year pediatric resident with great conviction about her job. The hero and the heroine who fully immersed themselves in their roles are especially well-received by viewers calling them ‘healing couple’.
Park Si On who realized feelings of love for the first time in his life and Cha Yoon Seo who has taken care of him like younger brother are making their own authentic and sweet love. Let’s repeat the key point their ‘five steps of love story’ with their weird first meeting, her touch and his hiccup and Si On’s love confession.

♥Step One: Weird First Meeting and Strange Night♥
Park Si On (Joo Won) and Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won)’s first meeting was totally weird. Cha Yoon Seo who got dead drunk mistook his house for hers and broke in the house. The young man with autism just stared at the woman indifferently taking her clothes off and sleeping in her underwear in his bed. When she woke up in the morning, the home invader yelled at him covering her body with bed sheet. Yoon Seo who realized her mistake at one point apologized for her absurd behavior right away. However, Si On who did not accept her apology just walked to take a bus, which made viewers laugh.

♥Step Two: Sweet ‘Grocery Store Dates’♥
Yoon Seo took Si On who was punched by his superior, Kim Do Han (), to a grocery store to change his mood. And she talked about their funny first meeting playfully calling him ‘furtive guy’ to change the atmosphere. However, the pure young man frankly answered “Your face reflected in the moon was too beautiful.” to the question “Why didn’t you wake me up when I got drunk to sleep in your bed?”, which made the situation more awkward. Despite of a flush rose on her face, the pretty woman got away from the young doctor’s unexpected response with joke. Audiences could guess that his love of Yoon Seo started without his notice.

♥Step Three: Touch and Hiccup♥
Amid working together in the pediatric department, love blossomed between the two doctor before they know it. Yoon Seo looked back on her sense of duty and belief as doctor thanks to Si On who takes care of sick children with pure heart. To express her gratitude for the pure pediatrician, she gently hugged him and he was too surprised at the behavior not to get rid of his hiccups. Since then, he started to hiccups whenever she touches him: stroking his hair, laying her head down on his shoulders.

♥Step Four: Vigorous Heartbeat! Lovesickness!♥
Si On haven’t had the hiccups anymore despite of Yoon Seo’s touch, instead, the heart was started to stir by her touches. The doctor with autism explained his symptoms to a child patient, Na In-hae (Kim Hyeon-soo) who became his friend and his little fellow diagnosed as lovesickness. He followed her advice to express his mind and shyly declared his love to Yoon Seo saying “You have a beautiful heart.” His pure love with ‘Park Si On’s confession’ had them feel closer than before.
♥Step Five: Love Confession♥
Tension of ‘healing love’ was at its peak when Si On confessed his feeling to his loved one from the bottom of his heart. Si On who was ashamed of showing his neurological disorder to his dear one spilled his guts out saying “Because… I like you.” Yoon Seo who didn’t notice anything could not hide her bewilderment at his sudden confession. It is raising questions about what will be going on between the man who told her he is in love with her and the woman who appeared confused about his love.

The production company LOGOS FILM said ”There are a lot of viewers commented that they were heartbroken about Joo Won’s confession and almost burst into tears. Please expect to see an unforeseen love story of the two person: the man who fell in love in the first time in his life, the woman who was puzzled by sudden confession from the young doctor whom she regarded as her younger brother.
On the other hand, in the 12th episode, Joo Won will be suffered extreme fear to fall down in a faint when Jeong Ho Geun, his biological father, suddenly visited him. He have been traumatized as his father had committed violence during his younger days. The father who came to the hospital after he saw him on TV screamed at Si On saying “Dumbass!” and the son had a seizure owing to his memory of domestic violence. How he can take his father who appeared again draw viewer’s attention.



2 thoughts on “Summary of five-step ‘Healing couple’s love story’ in the Good Doctor

  1. Very interesting love story line….there have funny, sweet, romantic and sad line, hopefully it will be ending with happy love story….

  2. GOOD DOCTOR is brilliant feel good entertainment with high caliber talent capable of fully supporting the writing, character building, relationships, professions and disabilities that also provides an emotional roller coaster ride for even the hardest of hearts! I find myself vulnerable to expressing pent up or neglected feelings from my obviously vacuous unfulfilling career and lack of intimate relationship that reflects to me, that I, like Park Shi On, need to meet many more qualifications in order to love someone. Dr. Park admittingly accepts this short-coming as “par for the course” with his autism; however, this is a very real and painful awareness for someone like me, who is “relationship-challenged.”

    I’ve never cried so much…! my heart aches with each episode! but there is a sweet balance of comic relief, when Park Shi On says something like “your butt is eating your pants” from simple observation!

    It’s getting interesting with a potential “love triangle” amid Park Shi On, Cha Yoon Seo, and Professor… does Yoon Seo pick one over the other?

    KUDOS to LOGO FILMS for giving us GOOD DOCTOR!!! kamsahabnida

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