Members of Good Doctor wish viewers have a great Chuseok holiday with their autographs

Members of , Yoon Bong Gil, Yoon Park, Wang Ji Won etc. wished audiences have a great Chuseok holiday.
At the first place, Good Doctor (written by Park Jae Beom, directed by Ki Min Soo, producted by Logos Film) which has attracted a bunch of TV watchers since it was premiered have been way ahead of the other Wednesday-Thursday drama during the 13 episodes and never let viewers go in front of TV. Thanks to huge and enthusiastic fans of the TV series, actors are enjoying making the medical drama despite of hectic filming schedule.
In return, on the drama set in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province on September 15, the actors who are gaining huge popularity home and abroad gave gifts to TV viewers and the other fans to express their love. Although the actors and the actresses can’t have a good time with their family members during the Chuseok holiday due to busy schedule, they thanked audiences with a bright smile showing their own autographs in the pictures.
Great performer Joo Won starring as Park Si On who is an young autistic doctor with savant syndrome said. “I’m extremely tired owing to filming through the night for several days in a row. However, I really appreciate fans’ concern and love toward Good Doctor and my role Park Si On.” and he added, “Have a wonderful Chuseok holiday and please give us consistent interest and concern.”
Moon Chae Won playing as Cha Yoon Seo, a straight forward and caring second-year pediatric resident with great conviction about her job, said, ”Thanks to viewer’s big concern and affection, I’m shooting the drama to the fullest every day. It’s truly rewarding to see every episode. Good Doctor gave me a lesson that I have a responsibility for my job. I hope that audiences can be healed with the medical TV series like me.“ She added with love, ”Have a great holiday with your family and delicious food.“
Joo Sang Wook taking his role as Kim Do Han, a charismatic pediatrician in the operation room but friendly and humane leader, said, “I would like to repay fans’ love in full with touching and impressive acting. I wish you have a enjoyable Hangawi like a full moon.”
Han Jin Wook starring as Kim Yeong Kwang who has pacific personality as a member of “pediatric surgery quartet” said with an attractive smile, ”I hope all viewers who always love Good Doctor have a happy and warm Hangawi.“ Yoon Bong Gil starring as a shameless doctor Hong Gil Nam said, “Chuseok is just around the corner. Enjoy your holiday with delicious dishes and traditional games with your family and friends.” Yoon Park starring as Woo Il Gyoo who picks on Park Si On all the time and Wang Ji Won playing the role of Kim Seon Joo who is the only woman among male members said, “Please don’t forget Good Doctor during the holiday.”
“Many actors including Joo Won, Moon Chae Won and Joo Sang Wook gave up their vacation during Chueok holiday for the filming of remaining episodes. Thank you for fans’ concern and support again. The actors try to work with all crews in shooting high-quality drama.” production company Logos Film said.
On the other hand, in the episode 13, Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) gave Park Si On (Joo Won) instruction to perform an operation for an emergency case. Tens of students who got into car accident were rushed to the emergency room and every doctor including Han Jin Wook (Kim Yeong Kwang) had to participate in the operation. As another emergency patient took to the emergency room, the autistic doctor asked Kim Do Han for help after moving the patient to a surgery. His boss in another surgery for a child patient whose life was at stake ordered him to perform the operation saying “I can’t leave here. I want you to do it!” It is raising questions weather the young pediatrician with autism will successfully finish the surgery to save the child’s life in the next episode.



One thought on “Members of Good Doctor wish viewers have a great Chuseok holiday with their autographs

  1. to ALL the actors/actresses of GOOD DOCTOR (including MAN SHIK ^.^)… kamsahabnida for all your EXCELLENT talent and hard work!! a most excellent show, you all make such real and believable persons. thank you for taking good care of PARK SI ON. hugs from USA. fighting!!

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