What is the best nail-biting ending scene of Good Doctor?

The popular TV series  brought the viewers to the public eye by its nail-biting ending scenes.
At the first place, Good Doctor (written by Park Jae Beom, directed by Ki Min Soo, producted by Logos Film) have been way ahead of the other Wednesday-Thursday drama during the 14 episodes. Taking actual medical cases for example, it drew huge attention of audiences by displaying plenty of happenings with dramatic tension in the pediatric surgery.
Each new episode of the drama made the TV viewers’ heart cramp with suspense of ending scene. No one could predict the story of the next episode and the last three minutes which audiences could not take their eyes off before finishing each episode led the highest ratings. What is the best nail-biting ending scene of Good Doctor which stimulated viewers’ five senses so that their heart was pounding expecting to see next story?

The Best Ending No. 1: 12th Episode “What a Dumbass You Are!” 
Park Si on fainted in significant mental panic when he saw Jeong Ho Geun (Park Choon Seong), his biological father, who visited his son after he watched TV program covering the pediatric department at the University College Seongwon Hospital. The father screamed at his son who did not recognize him saying “What a dumbass you are, Little has changed…” As soon as heard that, so great was his fear being beaten in his childhood that he had a seizure and collapsed on the spot. His bad memory caused him trauma about his violent father and Si On who dropped in a faint with his eyes open shocked and amazed many viewers across the nation.

The Best Ending No. 2: 13th Episode “Perform the Operation Yourself, Park Si On.”
Tens of students who got into car accident were rushed to the emergency room of the university hospital and every doctor including a youngest pediatrician had to participate in the operation. As another emergency patient took to the emergency room, the autistic doctor asked Kim Do Han for help after moving the patient to a surgery. The young doctor intended to have his superior perform two operations at the same time with leaving the O. R. door open. However, his boss in another surgery for a child patient whose life was at stake ordered him to perform the operation saying “I can’t leave here. I want you to do it!” In the last minute of the episode, tension was high between Si On who was flabbergasted by the superior’s announcement and Do Han who sternly and strictly ordered his junior to perform the operation himself.

The Best Ending No. 3: 8th Episode “Get Away from Me!”
Gyu Hyeon who had something of vocal genius was diagnosed with congenital malformations of piriform sinus fistula. If the child had a surgery, he could not perform high-pitched tones when he sings a song. His parents who had supported her son blindly were strongly against the surgery and the exceptionally talented vocalist who had dedicated only to music without friends tried to jump to take his life out of despair for his situation from the roof of the hospital building. The boy cried “Get away from me! Don’t come any closer!” and pediatricians ran up the roof to persuade him not to jump down, which made viewers heart beat faster.

The Best Ending No. 4: 4th Episode “Please, Please!”
Cha Yoon Seo met a child patient who came to the University College Seongwon Hospital due to turning down for intussusception surgery from other five hospitals. However, pediatrician-in-chief Kim Do Han was suspended at the moment and the second-year pediatric resident examined patient for the first time. Her first operation caused great tension in the surgery and it hit a snag due to unexpected cardiac arrest. The young female doctor did CPR on the child with a defibrillator but it was not effective. When the chief entered in the operating room just in time, the alarm telling of cardiac arrest went off. Whey faced Yoon Seo with a huge shock displayed at the end of the episode.

The Best Ending No. 5: 11th Episode “The Child Could Die.”
At the end of 11th episode, a pregnant woman had a complicated operation to remove a cyst after her emergency Caesarean. Kim Do Han tried to place a breathing tube through her trachea to help keep her airways open and functioning after Caesarean section but his plan resulted in failure according to Si On’s views. Watching the patient was bleeding out, the chief pediatrician said “The child could die, if we have a tracheotomy to assist the mother’s breathing.” At the moment, an alarm bell rang to warn of the mother and child’s danger and every doctor including Kim Do Han in the surgery was numbed and mumbled. In the desperate situation with only three minutes left for the operation, TV viewers were extremely anxious and nervous.

“Medical drama Good Doctor requires a suspenseful ending scene in every episode, especially in the surgery. The audiences can not tear themselves away from the TV before seeing preview for a next episode. Please stay with more interesting ending scenes.” production company Logos Film said.
Meanwhile, Park Si On gently embraced Cha Yoon Seo to console and cheer up her in the 14th episode. Unlike his previous behavior, he displayed that he has become more mature. The autistic doctor, having sacrificed himself to soothe his loved one, showed his true love for Cha Yoon Seo.

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