Joo Won & Kim Young-kwang’s Healing Time, Honestly Expressing Their Feelings

Joo Won and Kim Young-kwang confess their feelings for Moon Chae-won and Um Hyun-kyung, providing “healing” for each other.

The 13th episode of Good Doctor (written by Park Jae-bum, directed by Ki Min-soo, produced by Logos Film) which aired September 16th on KBS2TV recorded 18.4% in viewers’ ratings nationwide according to Nielson Korea. The drama has been a hit since the first episode, keeping the audience glued to the screen for the past 6 weeks.
During the episode, Park Shi-on (played by Joo Won) and Han Jin-wook (played by Kim Young-kwang) have both professed their love to Cha Yoon-suh (played by Moon Chae-won) and Nah In-young (played by Um Hyun-kyung) respectively, but both were refused. The two shared what was going on in their hearts and found some relief in each other’s company and honest heart-to-heart.
Park Shi-on was refused by the first person that he loved and ever professed his love to. Cha Yoon-suh asked Park if she was his first love and said, “I’m so thankful that you think of me as your first love. I love you too, as a colleague and younger brother. This is love too”, clarifying her feelings to Park. She added, “As time passes, you’ll feel more comfortable and we can become even closer like real brothers and sisters” shooting down all chances for the two of them together in the future. After hearing her words, Park said, “I feel better after telling you about my feelings. I’m sad, but my heart feels lighter” expressing the hurt that he was feeling.
Han Jin-wook also told Na In-young that it might sound out of place, but he wished she would quit what she was doing. He told her, “I’ll lend you the money. You can pay me back in ten, no, in twenty years”, expressing his feelings towards her. However, Na In-young said, “You know how much a transplant costs. You must be happy having so much money. Try looking for someone that’s more suitable for you, not me”, and left the scene with a cold look on her face. Han Jin-wook’s feelings towards Na and his desire to help her were transferred to her in the wrong way.

Both Park and Han who expressed their feelings but were turned down by the women they loved shared a bunk bed and could not fall asleep. Han started first by asking Park if he ever loved anyone before. As Park knew that Han like Na In-young, he said, “You have the right to love her, to love anyone”. He added, “You are always confident, you’ve never lacked anything, you’re never embarrassed about anything…and you’re mature”, trying to cheer Han up.
However, Han said, “There’s no such thing as having a right to love someone in this world. But, if someone loves another person without any condition, that person does have the right to care. And only that person can have that right”. He added, “I’m going through all this just to earn that right”.
Park Shi-on confessed that he expressed his feelings to Cha without even thinking and Han said, “You’re better off than me. Wow Park Shi-on…that person you talked to…you must really love her.
That’s amazing!” and congratulated Park Shi-on for his bravery. Park looked as if he learned a lesson and Han earned courage hearing that Park took the step to talk about his feelings first. The kind words going back between the two men warmed the hearts of the audience as well.
Audience members commented, “The two each sharing the top and bottom of the same bunk bed…these men warm my heart up!”, “I hope Joo Won and Kim Young-kwang both see happy endings! It’s hard enough being a doctor, but even harder when going through love pain!”, “I’ll be waiting in front of the TV for tomorrow’s episode! What’s going to happen next for the two men! I hope 10 o’clock tomorrow comes soon!” etc. rooting the two men on.

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