Joo Won Gets Used To Life In The Friend Zone

There was a time when dating rumors linked Joo Won to his “Level 7 Civil Servant” co-star Choi Kang Hee. Not only did they both deny the rumors but she publicly stated that she was not interested in dating him.

If Joo Won was disappointed he got over it quickly and recently discussed the subject of their friendship on the KBS show “Entertainment Relay.”

“Every time I meet Kang Hee, it makes me feel better,” he said. “It’s as if my heart is lighter.”

During the run of “Level 7: Civil Servant,” he described his co-star as his best kdrama romantic partner yet.

Joo Won, who is currently starring as Park Shi On in “Good Doctor,” said he had better onscreen chemistry with Choi than any of his previous co-stars.

The two were affectionate on set and had pet nicknames for each other.

“We had a lot of scenes together,” said Joo. “So we just practiced our lines together until filming, and this allowed me to memorize my lines without having to put much effort into it. Towards the end, we had the best chemistry and all of the staff recognized it too. I was very satisfied with it.”

Still he worried about the kissing scenes with Choi, who previously starred in “Protect The Boss.”

“I couldn’t help it. I didn’t know if I should just put my lips on hers or move them. As I was moving my lips, I wondered whether I should. I even asked her, ‘Should I just stay put and not move?’ and she told me to do whatever I wanted to do.”

Choi said that although Joo was very shy when they first worked together, they grew closer.

“As a result of working together on the drama, I became very close to Joo Won,” said Choi. “We had skinship with each other and were always by each other’s side. I think Joo Won is good at making others feel comfortable.”

She admitted to feeling slightly attracted to him but said she would not date him.

“I don’t date celebrities,” said Choi. “I don’t even see male celebrities as men.”

Following her televised statement to that effect, he tweeted a vague response that not many people understood. “It must be my fault. I won’t do it anymore. It’ll be okay when time passes.”

Choi said that her statement about not dating him was not a personal comment on Joo. Because she previously dated two actors, she decided that she would never date an actor again, no matter how cute he was.

However, the actors have kept in touch since their drama ended and she was quoted as saying that Joo was “the only celebrity she knew that she could call early in the morning if she needed to.”

Netizens were hoping that she would make that call and date him, but being friends is good too. And Joo Won seems okay with it.

Choi Kang Hee will appear in the film, “Happiness For Sale.”


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One thought on “Joo Won Gets Used To Life In The Friend Zone

  1. 6am? JOO is the only WON to call me that early… everyone else including the pope will need a pretty darn good reason unless they’re bringing the coffee!!! LOL. actually, L7 was one of my earlier kdramas, and loved it. time will tell! friends and buds are for life… stay sweet, JOO!!! coming to you from the heart of the USA ❤

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