Joo Won to leave ‘1N2D’

Joo Won is leaving the cast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘1N2D‘ (‘1 Night 2 Days‘) due to scheduling conflicts.

His agency confirmed on the 1st, “It is true that Joo Won is leaving ‘1N2D’… It’s because of his musical and overseas schedule… We are now discussing the date of his leave with KBS.” Joo Won is currently starring in the drama ‘Good Doctor‘ and the musical ‘Ghost‘, and his last expected filming with ‘1N2D’ will be the middle of October.


The actor joined the show last February, and viewers got to know him as the cute and innocent maknae of the cast over a year and 8 months.


Who else is sad to see Joo Won go?


21 thoughts on “Joo Won to leave ‘1N2D’

  1. me too.i know about him from this show.i love him so much in this show.His very caring toward his hyung.I love 1d2n.Its not same without this cute maknae.Im really hope he go long with this show but he have so much schedule and buzy.I hope he will comeback one day.i like him more when he in 1d2n because 1n2d show the real him outside.when he in drama he become someone else.Im more like him more in this 1d2n then its really sad to watch him go.i believe Jowon feel sad too because we know he really love this show and i can see he tried hard in this show.this is must be hard decision for him too for leaving 7 hyung he love so much.they got so much chemistry.i hope no one will replace him and he can comeback anytime when his have free more cute maknae that always hug and give warm feeling to his hyung and us..ahh, sad…

  2. he is the reason why i keep on watching this show.. i am really sad… feeling of about to cry.. but as long as i can watch wherever show he is no problem with me.. just give the website where i can watch him everyday.. how about his musical “ghost”?? where can i watch it?? thank you..

  3. Reblogged this on yellowbunny24 and commented:
    This news break my heart… my week will never be the same anymore since I always look forward in seeing him in 1n2d… I started watching this show because of him and i came to love it so much, the chemistry is was definitely a stress reliever for me.. i was saddened for a while when Kim seungwoo and bird pd left so i can’t imagine how much more down I’ll fell once I watch Joowon’s last ep… for the first time I am not looking forward for that 1n2d episode…
    I am happy with his success and very high popularity nowadays but I really really enjoy seeing the “real Joowon” outside of his drama roles/characters… I also think that he’s enjoying it a lot,. I don’t know if it is just in my imagination but I though this show was sort of reliever or to a certain degree a relaxing time for Joowon outside his drama and other sched… but maybe he’s really being overworked…
    Anyway, the news was already confirmed… Sad and heartbreaking… I wil definitely definitely miss seeing the cute, adorable, fast, good gamer and baby Joo Rodin..

    • SPEACHLESS!! This gonna be the saddest news i’ve got during this year, I know cutie was overwhelmed with his schedule, but I never thought that he will leave 1N2D so soon >_<
      Like yellowbunny24 said 1N2D was..
      a place that he can get over from hectic schedule,
      a place where he can going for with his hyungs,
      a place where he can socialize with common people,
      a place where he can became himself ,
      a place where we can know the real joowon toward his cuteness,his good manner^^
      But after all as cutie's fans I just can pray & wishing for the best, always supporting him no matter what.
      Joowon was the one who introduced me with this show, .
      I love all of them,his in order to respect his decision and show our love toward him, I'll try to continue watch 1N2D.
      1n2d also my stress reliever from my daily life..
      yes..this is sad and heart breaking..
      my mind accept this,but my heart still didn't, how come mind and heart can so different.
      I'll gonna miss seeing his aegyo soooo much 😦
      As his popularity growing so fast, so this is the consequences over it.

      화이팅!! 아자 아자…!!

  4. I have the same thought with yellowbunny… my weekend is not exciting anymore.. please don’t go..
    Joo Won in this variety show really give me energy after busy with my work. Where can I see him again after Good Doctor??? I think people more know him from this show, and this show increase because of him too… please consider again your decision. VERRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY SSSSSSAADDDDDDDDDDDD………………..SOB…SOB…SOB… 😦

  5. Very sad indeed. My weekend will not be the same anymore.. huhuhu…I’m gonna miss him plus good doctor almost conclude..really gonna miss seeing him..the real him..blur, goofball, cheerful, sweet, adorable, shy smile..lil bro joo won. arghh… already missing him.. Anyway.. lately he look exhausted and really tired..I guess he need a break. I was hoping he will come back to 2d 1n.. I can imagine his last 2d1n shooting… I’ll bet he will cry his eyes out..knowing how much he love his hyungs… a sad day indeed..

  6. please dont leave 1n2d joo won.. me and my family find you like a medicine while watching the show.. we laugh, we are inspired while watching 1n2d. please think before you leave.. please please.. thank you..

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