Joo Won shows his love for A PINK on ‘1N2D’

A PINK and gagwoman Kim Min Kyung were guests on the October 6th episode of KBS 2TV variety show ‘One Night Two Days’ (1N2D), where Joo Won performed a rendition of A PINK’s debut song ‘I Don’t Know’.


On this day, A PINK’s leader Park Chorong was picked by Joo Won as his ideal type, and the two then coupled up for a game of Bokbulbok. Before making kimbap, Chorong raised her hands and said, “I want to play that, the game where one sings for me by the side,” and wanted Joo Won to sing a song.

Lee Soo Geun then asked Joo Won, “Do you know A PINK’s songs?” to which he replied shyly, “I don’t know.” As the song was A PINK’s debut single, Park Chorong couldn’t hide her beaming smile. At this point, Sung Shi Kyung tried to frame Joo Won by saying, “Joo Won loves idols, and he’s an idol killer.”

During the process of making kimbap, Joo Won then sang ‘I Don’t Know’ to Chorong who was making them. Joo Won not only memorized the lyrics to perfection, but also did the dance moves like the original. The A PINK members had nothing but praise for him and said, “So honoured.”

After seeing Joo Won putting on such a show, Sung Shi Kyung continued framing him, “How could you turn this song into a ballad?” which drew much laughter from everyone.

Viewers who saw Joo Won singing ‘I Don’t Know’ said, “Love A PINK and Joo Won,” “It looks like Joo Won really likes A PINK,” “Never knew Joo Won would know A PINK’s debut song so well! I am really envious of Park Chorong.”

By: General News Team


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