[News] Good Doctor Finale Review: Joo Won Suddenly Kisses Moon Chae Won

[News] Good Doctor Finale Review: Joo Won Suddenly Kisses Moon Chae Won

In the last episode of Good Doctor, Park Si On(played by Joo Won) suddenly kissed Cha Yoon Seo(played by Moon Chae Won).

Si On attended Yoon Seo’s reunion with her high school friends. He made her friends laugh, and created a fun atmosphere. As one of her friends asked what he liked about Yoon Seo, he answered, “She’s like a Christmas present. Whether I’m with her or not, she makes my heart flutter.”

Yoon Seo’s friends also asked, “When was your first kiss?” The two, who have not kissed yet, could not answer to the question right away. Just when Yoon Seo asked, “Hmm… When was our first kiss?” Si On suddenly kissed her lips.

Later, Yoon Seo said to Si On, “You should have at least given me a hint that you’re going to kiss me!” Then Si on replied, “You told me before that kiss should be done anytime, all the time.”

Source: http://www.dkdrama.com/2013/10/news-good-doctor-finale-review-joo-won_9.html#.UlbL0lAjCPw


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