‘Good Doctor’ Joo Won gave his thoughts on the end “Something is missing in my heart”

The story of one man, who is different, but who has warm hearted, finished with loves from fans.
‘Good Doctor’ is the human medical drama with doctors in pediatric hospital. Especially through Park Shi-On the resident pediatrician having savant syndrome, it asked what is the real ‘Good Doctor’.
Joo Won noticed that “I felt warm everyday after meeting Park Shi-On. Now I feel something is missing in my heart” and “I shot it in hot summer for four months and I felt nervous and expected.:
In succession “Many people expected me, and as he is not an easy character, I felt some pressure. However I could finish well because of fans.” In the end he expressed gratitude, saying “Park Shi-On! I learned a lot from you. Thank you.”
Meanwhile ‘Future’s Choice’ with Yoon Eun-Hye and Lee Dong-Gun will be aired following ‘Good Doctor’. [Photo=KBS]

Source: http://www.innolife.co.kr/list.php?ac_id=4&ai_id=7412


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