Joo Won Thanks Kara’s Han Seung Yeon for Being His Fan

Hearing that Kara’s Han Seung Yeon was his fan, Joo Won expressed his gratitude. 

On October 15, Joo Won held a special press conference at a restaurant in Nonhyun-dong. As a reporter brought up the topic of Han Seung Yeon, Joo Won answered, “I’ve seen Han Seung Yeon when she was performing with SS501’s Park Jung Min and another time when we were clothing models together.”

The actor continued with a smile, “I think that the person she says she likes is not me, but Good Doctor’s Si On.”

“”I’m very glad that she likes Si On. It’s an honor. I remember when I saw her in person, she was very small and pretty,” said Joo Won. “I’m really thankful that she’s a fan.”

Han Seung Yeon appeared on KBS’ 1 vs 100 and was asked if there were any men that comes into her eyes, since she’s at the age to date. She replied ‘Joo Won’ without hesitation.

“I’ve been watching Good Doctor. I really like Joo Won these days.” She said that she’s liked Joo Won in other dramas as well. “I received a lot of healing with a warm heart after seeing him act such an innocent role.”

She also sent Joo Won a video message, shyly saying they should get tea next time. 

Meanwhile, Joo Won recently completed Good Doctor, playing an autistic doctor and receiving praise for his performance. 

He will now be concentrating on his upcoming musical Ghost, which begins November 24 at D-Cube Art Center in Sindorim.

Photo Credit: Heo Jung Min



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