Joowon ‘1 Night 2 days’ quit feelings “I feel sad, But My Sorry Feelings is Bigger”

Actor Joowon share his feelings about his quitting from “1 Night 2 days”.

On 15th, Actor Joowon (27) meet the reporters for the first time after ‘Good Doctor’ end and he shared his feeling about his quitting from ‘1 Night 2 Days’. Joowon already done his ‘1 night 2 days’ last filming.

Joowon “for this 1 year, 8 months, i feel very happy. It’s sad but I sorry feelings to Hyungs, staff and production crew is bigger. Now, one of the strength of 7 people was falling down, even hyungs said that its okay but because I can’t do my role (as maknae) properly, i feel really sorry to them”

“When I decided to quit, I can’t say ‘I will do this’ I can’t talk properly too. Because I feel very sorry to them.”

Meanwhile ‘1 night 2 days’ broadcast for two weeks on 20th & 27th are ‘1 night 2 days’ last vacation for Joowon. On 11th, Joowon went to Jeju island for his last filming with happy face. We will see how his feeling in his last vacation.

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English translation: mei@ Joo Won soompi


5 thoughts on “Joowon ‘1 Night 2 days’ quit feelings “I feel sad, But My Sorry Feelings is Bigger”

  1. i understand how he feel but i do hope he not quit the show because all negative comment and feel that he lacking in verity show.Maybe some of viewers dont find him entertaining but for me he have a good and positif aura in that show that make me want to watch 1d2n.i knew him from this show so i a little bit dissapointed about his he said because her buzy schedule im can accept it.i really hope he not give up easyly because i know he love and give the best on that show.pity he left just because he feel he lacking and not think he not belong to the show.i will miss her aegyo and cute makne that always hugging her hyungs.

  2. i watch 1n2d b’cz off him, now i lost my enjoy time during weekend…
    i feel lot of missing…
    if i could do something, i really want him in 1n2d…
    but, what can i do..
    i hope he will success in way that him has choose..

    but, one thing I feel a litter bit regret about him, why he must consent to negative comment that good comment, if you always consent about negative comment will always feel lacking in your life, and that its not good, you quit 1n2d its like you consent those whose anti with you and not consent to those who always love and support you..I’m I wrong…??

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