Joowon “My Pocket Money (Allowance) is 1,000,000 Won, I Do Not Use Credit Card”

Actor Joowon confidently tell public about his allowance (pocket money) & reveal his level of economy.

On 15th, Joowon at Seoul, Gangnam, Nonhyeondong, in one cafe, get along with hope day, he meet us and said “My financial economy now is very good” He said “I think I earn more money. But, my Mom manage my account. So, there’s not much change”. “I like my current house now at Suzy but I want my parents to come to Seoul with me. I haven’t found a house yet in Seoul. I’m not really sure, but in the future I will bring my parents to live in Seoul with me. I’ll live with my parents, I don’t think I can live alone. My style is,  I’m absolutely can’t live alone”.

Joo Won also said “I still received my pocket money. Now, it’s went up to 1,000,000 won, but I do not drink alcohol and  I donot have a time to sweep so there’s still many left money”. One day, my staffs said ‘Let’s eat expensive meat today. You pay for it’, so after that we just eat meat together. “and he also said. “There’s no credit card with my name on it. Even there’s a benefit, I won’t apply for credit card” he said, then he laughs.

Joowon just finished his role as savant syndrome first year resident doctor at KBS2 Drama “Good Doctor” and get high ratings for his drama. He also received much love from many people. After this, he’ll practice for his musical “Ghost” that will be opening on November. Because of his musical practice & other schedules, he must quit from variety program “1 Night 2 Days” that he already did for 1 year and 8 months.  He went to Jeju Island for his last filming.


English translation: mei@ Joo Won soompi


6 thoughts on “Joowon “My Pocket Money (Allowance) is 1,000,000 Won, I Do Not Use Credit Card”

  1. joo won! there was emptiness in your past with father and mother, and there will be the same in the future. but you are golden to move forward alone..,.this is a good time for being alone, it is LONELINESS that you fear. and loneliness is a good time for you to think with your soul. you need to know MOON JOO WON. not as a son, not as a brother, not as an actor, and not as a friend…. for a while. you need to find and be your authentic self and allow it to resonate within your soul. if you want to escape to America for a few weeks, DO NOT GO TO the west coast. dig deep into the heart of America, Omaha, Nebraska. defy the odds…quit being a tool, i’ll teach you English, how to fix houses, plumbing, electricity, American cooking! we can help you get a job… it hurts to hear you are so controlled… but, when does JOO WON get to be JOO WON? roller coaster… are you ready for a ride? A CHILD DOES NOT OWE A PARENT

    • Thanx God, is not only, thinking the same… I thought exactly the same like you, 1million Won is not to much money. That is his monthly salary or he is talking about the money that he spends in the month??

  2. I don’t think the case is his parents control him or something like that .. as we know and have seen many times that he’s so close with his parents and respect them so much I can totally understand why he don’t want to live alone and that was one of the reason I liked him .. I like how he shows his love to his family every time 🙂
    and it’s not strange in Korea for a mother to manage her young son’s benefits I have heard about this thing a lot in Korean programs their parents manage their money and give them allowance so they help them to collect money instead of wasting it ^^

  3. I think everyone is misunderstanding…he is getting allowance from her mom because he is not interested in managing funds. he is not being controlled by his parents as they are loving family. it’s JooWon’s choice that his mom manages his earnings for him and he gets allowance so he can focus on other things such as acting, learning, etc.

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