Joowon: “Serious” Moon Chae Won vs “Affirmative” Choi Kang Hee vs “Fool” Ivy

Actor Joowon confronted his co-star in general review.

On 15th, lunch time, Joowon held a special interview “Good Doctor-Joowon Hope Day” at Apgujeong ‘눈꽃 흐드러지다’ cafe. Reporters asked, “Including Choi Kang Hee, Moon Chae Won and now Ivy, how was your feeling with co-star that older than you?” He answered “They have their own charm”.

Joowon said “In Moon Chae Won case, when you see her at television, the first feeling that will come up to your mind is that she have an image of a cold person. Honestly, at first, I don’t know that we will become this intimate(close/familiar) to this extent. Now, we became really close.”

“Choi Kang Hee have different type, she is a relaxed person. “Choi Kang hee is easy going “Infinite affirmation” style, and Moon Chae Won is always be serious.”

“I was surprised with her (Moon Chae Won) meticulous feel at filming site” “I think there are many similar personalities with the character that she played and her real personality, it is almost same.

Moreover, She (Moon Chae Won) always care for me & supported me on my role in this drama so I feel comfortable with her.”

Furthermore, he shared his opinion when he met his co-star (Singer,Ivy) in his musical for the first time. “She’s like a fool but she also nice”.

He said “ Because of my drama, I’m already two weeks behind the other cast in practice”

“When I come to practice for the first time, I found a difficult situation and the first person that help me to be relieved and gave care & concern is Ivy.”

“She (ivy) is joy(pleasure) person, She become mature even she had many rumours about her” “For this role, There’s many kiss scene & affection scene. Because of our character for this role, I’ll try to become closer with her as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Joowon rising his popularity from his role in “Good Doctor” as Park Shion who has autism level 3 (savant syndrome) that have great abilities at medical stuff and overcome his disabilities to become a pediatric surgeon. After this drama end, he already been casted as lead actor at Musical “Ghost” and will return to the stage immediately.

English Translation: mei@Joo Won soompi


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