Joo Won has no reservations about going public with his relationship

Actor Joo Won attended a Hof Day event held on the afternoon of October 15th at a coffee joint located in Gangnam’s Nohyeong-dong, where he revealed his thoughts on love.


He said, “Since my debut, I have never dated, and it’s been 3 years. I had no idea even if there was someone who had hinted about her affection for me. I can’t really tell, unless she tells me directly that she likes me.”

Joo Won also spoke on the issue of idol stars being unable to come clean about dating someone easily. “If one is able to receive love from the masses, that is something to be happy about, and you will gain a lot in the process. But on a personal note for everyone, the most basic thing is love. If one isn’t able to fall in love as and when he/she wants, that would be a very miserable feeling.”

He admitted that he is unable to go into a relationship because of fear. Joo Won said, “If someone whom I really love comes into my life, I don’t think I will deliberate about it. I also have thoughts of going public with my relationship. You will get photographed even if you date secretly, and those news usually spreads really fast. I am not saying it’s good or bad in going public. Although I don’t have any intentions of going public, I would rather take the initiative in going public, rather than get photographed by the paparazzi and see it making headlines on tabloids.”

Joo Won also revealed about his values of life, “My financials have improved. Although I don’t earn much, all my money are managed by my parents, so there isn’t any major changes. My parents have thought about moving over to Seoul to live with me. But they never said anything about buying a house, so nothing’s certain yet, as it’s all according to their wishes. I do hope to live together with them, because I can’t manage living by myself. I belong to those who can’t stay alone.”

He also revealed about the extent of his expenditure, “I get pocket money every month, and it has risen a lot recently. I get about a million KRW monthly, but I don’t spend much, as I don’t drink and don’t have enough time as well. I would tell the staff recently, ‘let’s go have something good, I will treat’. But I don’t have my own cards, and have no idea about how discounts work.”

Joo Won recently received much love for his role as Park Shi On in KBS 2TV drama ‘Good Doctor’, where he gave a convincing portrayal of an autistic savant who becomes a genius pediatric surgeon. He is currently busy with rehearsals for his musical ‘Ghost’ which will begin playing next month. In addition, Joo Won has also announced his departure from KBS 2TV variety ‘1N2D’ after a year and 8 months on it due to his busy schedules, and recently wrapped up his final filming at Jeju Island.

By: Park Jin Yong



3 thoughts on “Joo Won has no reservations about going public with his relationship

  1. Joo Won seems very really genuine & charming. I have no doubt that he will do very well in his role as Sam Wheat in Ghost. The character requires a lot of raw emotions and I’m not familiar with Ivy’s acting but in the press conference she mentioned something about the musical being “sexy” & that she will play to her advantages. I mean there is a lot more to the story then just the sexy parts.

  2. I think many JooWon fans became his fan from seeing his wonderful personality. And I so want to see JooWon in his Musical Ghost too… :'(. I am hoping (and wishing) there will be either a DVD or CD available for purchase for international fans.

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